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Litchi exit opens China this year prelusive first bright litchi takes the sea-vo
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Xinhua net Guangzhou on May 10 report (Guo Ying jade, old Yan) classics Guangzhou time Yu examines quarantine bureau supervises processing, and first 200 box of classics quarantine qualification, 800 kilograms, value the Xian Lizhi of 8500 HK dollar on May 10 in the morning from Japan of start shipment of Guangzhou Bai Yun airport, opened thereby what Chinese litchi exports this year is prelusive. 2002, area peaceful is written down farming by-product (Guangzhou) limited company complete set introduces device of Japanese evaporate heat treatment, be in hill town establishs a Yu spirit a factory of litchi evaporate heat treatment, via the Guangdong of evaporate heat treatment Xian Lizhi is in this years first Japan of wholesale successful outlet. 2003, because suffer " SARS " influence, japan does not send quarantine official to go to China, cause job of heat treatment of evaporate of litchi losing day to be forced break down. This year, time Yu bureau works before in summary on the foundation of experience, had done concerned preparation work ahead of schedule, sent a person to undertake investigating to concerned orchard March. "51 " during the golden week, they expedite establish check personnel to garrison evaporate heat treatment factory -- area peaceful is written down farming by-product (Guangzhou) limited company works. On May 7, in official of check of Sino-Japanese and bilateral establish supervise jointly below, area peaceful wrote down a company to have steam heat and cold treatment to exporting litchi. On May 9, first litchi processing treatment is packed end, and via qualification of quarantine of official of check of Sino-Japanese and bilateral establish, examine by Guangdong quarantine bureau is signed and issue, official of Japanese plant quarantine was given out the first Xian Lizhi exports certificate this year. As we have learned, area peaceful writes down a company to be opposite confidence of litchi exit Japan is dye-in-the-wood this year, the plan exports a quantity to will break up one time than 2002 this year, achieve 600 tons or so. Meanwhile, of the country such as litchi exit United States, Canada, European Union, southeast Asia and region market examine quarantine job is in intense in undertaking. (be over)

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