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Guangdong fast city gives aid to get litchi fruit deep treatment greatly
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Will greet the year's harvest of big bumper of litchi, longan again this year soon. Recently, the author trots along on horseback be known as " countrywide fruit the first city " fast city country, the initiative that sees the farmer invests product line of drying of litchi of mount a horse, longan is very tall. It is reported, fast state municipal Party committee, municipal government publishs policy recently, encourage give aid to the innumberable families gets fruit deep treatment greatly, reward 10 thousand yuan to the farmer of a product line. Because the fruit is current,machine pull move, this city farmer is added considerably close. Not long ago, fast state city is judged to be " countrywide produce deep treatment 10 strong counties " . Fast state city cultivates the fruit such as litchi, longan, banana to amount to 110 thousand hectare at present. How to make good fruit deep treatment this article, let a farmer realize increase production to add close, it is a when be placed before local Party committee, government urgent task. Fast state municipal Party committee, municipal government is carried out with paying the get right on the job, way that seeks true deal with concrete matters relating to work really " 3 delegates " , from liven Xian Guo is current grab, help farmer is added close. This city encourages a farmer to enter current field, individual and state-operated, collective, combine, four-wheel neat drive, compose builds big market big network of current fruit purchase and sale. At present whole town is built have 48 free market of agricultural productses, site of purchase and sale of 3000 many produce, amount to 40 thousand much person from personnel of course of study, formed rural purchase and sale to nod, village appoint market of conference center village, mart of trade of ruins town market, town is provincial outside the old current system of terminal market of purchase and sale. This city is making company of bibcock of 10 current job in do all one can, dimensions of enterprise of sufficient play bibcock big, actual strength the advantage with spirit of strong, information, extensive network, the town village that produces a division to litchi, longan was established 20 many buy a place. Bedding face of litchi, longan accumulates mature season, what organize carry of many tons of 300 litchi, longan to go to the area such as Hua Dong, southwest everyday is big in sale site of the city. To solve a fruit effectively concentration appears on the market, the farmer sells the issue with difficult fruit, fast state municipal Party committee, municipal government executes use both indigenous and foreign methods, big in small the method that goes up simultaneously, make produce processes trade swift and violent development realizes appreciation synergism. Come to stop at present, whole town did produce to process a business early or late many 1800, annual produce many yuan 20. Whole town formed fruit, vegetable, commissariat, legume, potato kind, Zhu Mu, flesh kind wait for treatment series 100 many breed, among them fruit processes a business many 100, annual produce 450 million multivariate. Production gives longan beverage of treasure of tea of precious of dry, longan, longan, " life " fluid of profess to convinced, litchi works, sauce of juice of litchi can, litchi chest, banana, mango, hawkthorn is dry, hawkthorn can, olive and change. Since this year, this city introduces advanced manufacturing technology and device energetically, recommend nonlocal fund, enlarge machines dimensions greatly, improve product quality. Current, old boss of and other places of Fujian, Zhejiang is thick as hail establish drying of litchi, longan machines product line, execute buy, one continuous line of treatment, transportation and sale. Ceng Rong is obtained " countrywide youth becomes rich hotshot " the Gao Zhousi water of the title presses down young farmer while Zhang Jijiang is running field of many mus of 1000 fruit, investment tens of 10 thousand yuan, build a product line of drying of 2 litchi, longan, the product is sold toward global. The village austral town of fast state dividing line already formed longan flesh terminal market, farmer of this village great majority ran product line of drying of the litchi of indigenous method mount a horse, longan. Current, this city builds product line of drying of the litchi with an equipment advanced technology, longan to amount to tens of. Current, treatment gets the fruit well, not only alleviated the pressure that Xian Guo appears on the market centrally, prevent pedlar demand a low price to buy, and raised fruity greatly additional cost, add for the farmer receive infuse flourishingly opportunity of survival. Last year, net income of average per capita of this city farmer increases 200 yuan than the year before last year. Rural deposit amounts to 8.2 billion yuan, increase compared to the same period 900 million multivariate

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