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Exit adds Hainan litchi this year 8 times
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I save the exit country of litchi to increase 10 by 4 of last year this year, exit gross is 718.1 tons, 9.4 times was last year. I save 3 wood flourish, Wen Long the company such as farm of Li of industrial, gold is mixed to the country such as European Union, Japan, Canada early or late area exit. Export experience to sum up and communicate litchi, promote me to save litchi more to export, hainan litchi exports an informal discussion to was held in the our city yesterday. This year, I save litchi total output to amount to 50 thousand tons of above, increased many tons 20 thousand than last year, achieve the history new tall, I save litchi picked time is earlier than Guangdong, Guangxi half month, so litchi appears on the market earlier price is particularly high. But as a result of me the province was not exported all the time model last treatment product line, make Hainan produces last litchi can sale in domestic market and cannot export external directly, want to export can " borrow a boat to go to sea " , export link not only much, fee is big, and the brand that cannot make oneself, restricted the production of Hainan litchi industry and development severely. This year litchi price waves all the way below red situation, concerned branch realises, only high quality ability ensures litchi is occupational international market. To make Hainan litchi more is exported, hainan article built into investment of industrial limited company " hot litchi of the poor evaporate that press type handles product line " , ended Hainan to was not exported model last the history of litchi product line, I save litchi to exported an international market to have from now on " direct car " , litchi exports a quantity to also increase substantially. Compare with photograph of Guangdong, Guangxi, I save litchi to export a quantity to be had pity on less. Chinese litchi crop takes the world 70% , at present the developed country does not produce litchi basically, market price amounts to every kilograms ten to 20 dollars. Accordingly, litchi and longan are regarded to be one of fruits that there is market potential most after our country joins WTO by the expert. On the informal discussion, come the litchi inside self-communion cultivates condition of controller of specialist, company and agriculture, discrepancy to examine the sectional expert such as quarantine is in with respect to exit litchi examine quarantine respect should note what problem, how to have domestic and international market the problem such as remain of development and prevention and cure of litchi plant diseases and insect pests, pesticide spreads out communication.

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