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Chang Ping is pressed down " litchi king " highest produce per year amount to 20
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Chang Ping presses down mountain of head of Bei of Lang Zhou village to have litchi of branch of an especially big pagoda tree, masses says for " litchi king " , it is to save one of 12 famous litchi completely. Allegedly Lang Zhou " litchi king " tree age has hundred years about, enclothe an area to have half mus about. Its are highest produce per year once achieved 2000 kilograms. Recently, the reporter saw this in Lang Zhou village " litchi king " . Village appoint meet a staff member Chen Lingfang says, "Litchi king " the place of the place belongs to Lang Zhou village group of the first villager, earth is called " Xia Chunyuan " . Because time is ages ago, already cannot clear up this " litchi king " it is feral still be of establish of whose ethnic group. According to introducing in the Chen Lingfang with Lang Zhou local born and bred village, lang Zhou " litchi king " begin to was not hanged a few years ago if really, but its are produced per year before this very considerable really. She says, the litchi tree in the village includes " litchi king " it is village collective all, annual village appoint the form that can adopt ballot villager of litchi deal out. Because " litchi king " yield is real very tall, itself register the total that fruit quantity has been several litchi tree, because of village of this Lang Zhou appoint when can allocating litchi, other litchi cultivates be villager of whole deal out, but only alone " litchi king " it is however according to branch distributive, namely " litchi king " the deal out of litchi of knot of this branch place that go up armour villager, villager of second of deal out of litchi of knot of that branch place... introduce according to Chen Lingfang, the villager ability that wants 10 or so commonly is enough " litchi king " the litchi that writtens guarantee is divided. From this knowable at that time Lang Zhou " litchi king " crop is very breathtaking really. Occupy additionally " Chang Pingzhi " account, the flavour of laurel flavour litchi of Lang Zhou village is clear sweet, flesh is fragile, after rinding, lap with rice paper, paper is not wet water, quality is especially good, high reputation is enjoyed in Dongguan.

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