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Hainan litchi is good, benefit lets Cantonese taste however
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Hainan lacks the litchi of market of high end of direct butt joint to export a company, can become low end with commerce middleman only market business. What form bright contrast to it is: Guangdong enterprise is being grabbed become qualitative actor, appear on the market early Hainan litchi business, 6 rely on Cantonese to export into above Hainan litchi -- ,     " of share of Hainan litchi export 6 to 7 becoming is finished by Guangdong travelling merchant. " deputy office of province agriculture hall grows Jian Chunlin to go up to say so in Fair of produce of the 4th characteristic today. Nearly 300 enterprises attended to be in Guangzhou city today bright and beautiful Chinese what exhibition center kicks off is current farming hand in meeting, among them many 200 are Guangdong enterprise, fujian and Guangxi enterprise have many 20 each, and Hainan ginseng exhibits an enterprise to have 5 only. Those who attend Fair is other the enterprise of 3 provinces is far on dimensions, amount and enthusiasm outclass Hainan. Save Chen Shengting of secretary-general of litchi longan association to analyse, hainan litchi has the advantage that turns over season, nonexistent sale problem, but be Hainan litchi appears on the market in great quantities at the moment period, hainan enterprise and cultivate door use farming hand in meeting the consciousness that this platform undertakes propagandist is very thin. "From April the middle ten days of a month arrives by May, whole world of this paragraph of time has Hainan and Thailand to a large number of litchi are supplied only, the quality of Hainan litchi and amount have clear advantage. " Chen Shengting says. As we have learned, at present the litchi of the province such as Guangxi, Fujian, Guangdong has not appear on the market, and the litchi of this date town is in autonomous county of the Li nationality of water of my province hill early to appeared on the market on April 16, at present Hainan litchi is entering the fastigium that appears on the market in great quantities. Guangdong province adds Zhi Chong of king of chairman of urban litchi association to think, hainan litchi has kind of establish large family much, appear on the market the outstanding advantage with early time, and " company farmer " mode also is applied very successfully, pesticide remain is less, basic it is not to have product of social effects of pollution, so business of trade of Guangdong characteristic produce is grabbing the litchi business that does Hainan. Jian Chunlin introduces, at present already trafficker of many 20 domestic and international litchi is garrisoned hill water, because do Hainan,the business of city litchi is helpful for establishing international market channel in the morning, capture client of annual produce commerce. Xie Haitao of general manager of limited company of Zhao Tao trade says big talk, province government created favorable environment for litchi exit, the litchi of Hainan enterprise lasts the technology achieves 2 months above, it is a whole world banner level. But the export business that Hainan lacks one furniture to have food safety license comes supermarket of direct butt joint to wait for high-end market, can wait with domestic and international commerce middleman only become low end the business of the market, so Hainan enterprise did not achieve best litchi trade beneficial result. Market of province agriculture office grows Mo Cuigang to point out everywhere, the government gives aid to actively guide, the product dominant position that urges the characteristic produce such as litchi longan is changed into export advantage, the enterprise of Hainan mainland wants active and active participate in international trade, connection it is international order, good to do commerce form a complete set, share exit to increase brought profit. Current Fair by 4 provinces of Hainan, Guangxi, Fujian, Guangdong door of Ministry of Agriculture is sponsorred, by a definite date 3 days, the purpose depends on developing the home of characteristic produce, international market.

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