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Hainan litchi will sell Japan continuously
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The plant quarantine that comes from province of Japanese aricultural aquatic product saves developing zone of Qing Lan economy of article prosperous city south Guan Zaihai, for Hainan article dragon industrial company is cast build " treatment of hot litchi of the poor evaporate that press type handles product line " signed " book of equipment of plant quarantine certificate " , indicate province litchi had a Hainan to enter Japanese market from now on " direct car " . Check through insecurity of 4 days, each test data all achieved day of square requirement, official of day square quarantine saves litchi finally to exported Japan to sign those who have legal effectiveness to approve a document for Hainan. Japan is our country lasts the important input country of litchi, but this country is right of litchi examine quarantine requirement is very strict also, the ability after via its exam of check of spot of official quarantine personnel closes is obtained close a qualification. This year in May, company of Hainan article dragon according to day square level, investment built this 30 million yuan to save first litchi to last in Wen Changqing billows treatment product line, ended Hainan litchi to export " hardware " the history that closes nevertheless. Controller of article dragon company thinks, after this product line just is checked and accept through day, when in next year litchi matures, predict but 500 tons of Hainan high grade litchi sends Japan the market.

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