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Innovation of hopeful of Hainan litchi crop is tall
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Because of the arid effect that does not receive a few years, the litchi crop last year makes an appointment with Hainan only 30 thousand tons, and Hainan litchi will receive a high yield this year year, break up likely on the foundation that goes producing per year a quantity time. The reporter learned from province litchi association a few days ago, climate is appropriate this year litchi grows and hang if really, strengthen as what hang the grow in quantity of fruit litchi area and management, litchi crop breaks through 80 thousand tons probably this year, achieve the record with highest history of Hainan litchi crop. The personage inside course of study is forecasted, the crop of Hainan litchi is being returned in the near future step up, because Hainan visits litchi gross area many mus 50, among them close half has not been hanged if really, hang in succession as large quantities of litchi if really, increase production is a trend in the near future. Save the person introduction such as Chen Shengting of litchi association secretary-general, complete province litchi grows an area many mus 50, hang fruit area to make an appointment with 250 thousand mus this year. According to the rule that litchi grows, did not hang many mus of 20 litchi of fruit this year in future the meeting inside 3 years is hanged in succession if really, and just hanged the litchi tree of fruit can be inside 3 years from try produce enter high yield period, because this did not come 6 years, I save litchi total output to will reach a peak stage by stage, year total output will amount to 200 thousand tons of above. Whether can litchi bumper harvest cause sale difficulty? This is the problem that a lot of litchi grow a care. Large family is cultivated to think in a few litchi of hill water and other places, the litchi of Hainan appears on the market fastigium and inland appear on the market fastigium is OK and stagger, seek the market because this is active actively risk of demand a low price of agency of OK and effective avoid. Generally speaking, hainan litchi is entered at the middle ten days of a month on May appear on the market fastigium, and the last ten-day of a month entered end town namely in May, and two wide litchi appear on the market fastigium is in June the last ten-day of a month. (reporter Deng is built China)How avoid high yield not of the bumper harvest disconcerted shape? "Imperial concubine laugh " the right season or time bleaching ocean "Ride human society imperial concubine to laugh, nobody know is litchi comes " . It is difficult to last as a result of litchi, what feed litchi to satisfy high-ranked imperial concubine of Tang Dynasty poplar to be fond of is good, use at urgent the fine colt that delivers a document assumed the job that carries litchi. At this late hour, litchi lasts the technology already had saltant development, but its last period also have left and right sides of a many month only. Hainan litchi produces per year quantity hopeful to innovate again today tall. Appear on the market period concentration, last period short, how avoid high yield not of the bumper harvest disconcerted shape? Province litchi association tells a reporter about chief, they are considering establishing litchi cropper to export alliance, the litchi Hainan cultivates a combination to rise, with the litchi exporter butt joint that has actual strength, establish stable and expedite export channel. Jointly square can win-win occupies Canadian Gong Li company to be stationed in China to represent Introduction Xie Haitao, last year, the Israel that character far difference laughs at at Hainan imperial concubine " build greatly " litchi price is 6 dollars / pound, and Hainan " imperial concubine laugh " litchi has 2 dollars only / pound, its basically are Hainan litchi exporter and entrance business so formerly between malign competition, and Israel litchi is by cropper alliance is exported directly, without malign competition. Apparent, hainan litchi cropper should be not satisfied at going out product sale merely, and the outcome that should think method gets outclass to cultivate link sells profit. Province litchi association says about the personage, if Hainan litchi sale price can raise 6 dollars / pound, brought exit sale profit can achieve 30 yuan / kilogram. And the advantage is had in wanting to weichi in market gain, just have the power of the negotiation jointly. Hainan " imperial concubine laugh " litchi character beautiful, fruit big, appear on the market time is appropriate, this is its advantage. Dan Lizhi belongs to intertropical fruit, a lot of Europe beauty are not very familiar, they often emphasize particularly on to the choice of litchi at the exterior, and this is " imperial concubine laugh " breed is current the largest inferior position, its peel is not the red of western tradition, bring about the main consumption that at present Hainan imperial concubine laughs at group or inferior descendants, had been not accepted by group of western mainstream consumption. Who goes popularizing this breed? Actually, inchoate Hainan " imperial concubine laugh " litchi also has encountered similar case in home market, pass old conduct propaganda to popularize, hainan " imperial concubine laugh " the high quality litchi that litchi consumption just becomes domestic consumer to be accepted extensively. Want to strengthen an international market to publicize promotion only, hainan imperial concubine laughs " cyan " the one big distinguishing feature that perhaps can becoming Hainan litchi, make an international market of high-grade litchi indicative. If can such, the personage inside course of study estimates, the price of Hainan litchi should be in 8 dollars / pound. But, this job that has enormous beneficial result has cropper alliance only ability is capable to do. Because of market price case rise to do not have inevitable connection with the interest of middleman, what often be benefited is producer group. But, the desire that individual generator has the market is popularized and capacity are insufficient. Secretary of secretary of province litchi association grows Chen Shengting to express, have producer only people have combination, unite a brand, unite market promotion, raise actor avoids bad, ability Hainan litchi true make it is tall additional cost product. Export advantage is clear two years ago, the litchi that Hainan saves exports a quantity only hundreds of tons, and the export volume last year is close already 2000 tons. As advanced last technical application, volume of export of Hainan province litchi is added fast breathtaking. Province discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau estimates about the personage, 3 years exit will be added henceforth fast still will accelerate. In settleclear stride those who cultivate litchi Mr Zhang thinks, hainan litchi has the distinct advantage of exit. Appear on the market because of Hainan litchi when season, the whole world has litchi of Thailand, Vietnam to appear on the market only, but litchi of Thailand, Vietnam appears on the market before Hainan litchi appears on the market in great quantities, and litchi of Thailand, Vietnam is current not by market of admit United States; Additional, the litchi character of two countries is far not as good as Hainan is saved " imperial concubine laugh " and " white sugar small-moutheds jar " , "Imperial concubine laugh " already proving now is the whole world in all litchi breed optimum at the litchi breed that lasts for a long time, and during Hainan litchi appears on the market, rainfall is not big, this is right most the litchi with avoid too big humidity lasts for it is extremely advantageous condition. The exporter such as Xie Haitao thinks, besides afore-mentioned reasons, hainan litchi gross and outback photograph are compared is not very big, have 4% of outback gross only, won't form sodden city commonly, this is the reason that a lot of exporter dare to manage litchi of exit road Hainan. Hainan litchi intensive changes management rate tall, quality is opposite taller. It is reported, the litchi garden that inland exceeds 100 mus is very few, and the litchi garden that Hainan exceeds 300 mus is close 60, this is charming to exporter. Cooperative mechanism still needs to examine the tentative idea according to province litchi association, with " association cultivates business alliance farmer major collaboration organizes farmer " mechanism of connection of agricultural industrialization interest, build Hainan to save cropper of litchi longan association to export alliance, boost Hainan litchi export. Nod in order to export to be cut, the combination that promotes me to save litchi home market and change in order, the high-quality goods with Hainan litchi true make it and product of high additional cost, achieve company profit finally, the farmer becomes rich. Reporter and settleclear stride, the litchi of hill water and other places cultivates large family at this point mode consult when its idea, litchi is cultivated door people hope to hold a group in the arms to enter the market very much, but they also have worry, if form alliance, payment for goods not the word with cash settle accounts, presence payment for goods whether the concern that reclaims smoothly, they hope cooperative exporter has enough actual strength, can pay fund first. Also a few is cultivate door have from already sale channel, support wait-and-see attitude to exporting alliance, unless exit buys the price alliedly,want tower above to just consider not less to join. A few have the agency analysis that exports experience, if alliance wants to enter an international market to have two medium of communication: One of, sales imports jobber to one class, this kind of means returns a money faster. But payment for goods is completely in exporter hand, insecure, and the likelihood has " goods dies to edge of a field " risk, price is inferior also; Secondly, to assure to be opposite the control of market sale channel and safety of payment for goods, facilitating market publicizes promotion, get higher sale profit, alliance also can be below the help of cooperative exporter, the choice is direct as large as place shopkeeper, it is the supermarket trades commonly, but pay back period of payment for goods is longer. Two channel have actor of low quality each, the litchi of Hainan is cultivated door people whether implementation holds a group in the arms to enter the market, return those who need the market to examine, let our wait and see what happens
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