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How is litchi of big talk sale in domestic market built on export boat
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Net of big talk evening paper on April 9 dispatch   these days, big slope presses down state-operated the Wang Qingmei of 17 teams risks Dong Changnong field rain goes there and back often between town of the home, ruins and urban district, using her word to say is to be oneself early 100 mus are hanging the litchi of fruit to search " husband's family " , the place is done not have when lest fruit is ripe " marry " . The reporter was in recently the town such as He Yongxing of 3 big slope, slope and and other places of terminal market of fruit of north and south of government office town visit understanding to arrive on the spot, many farmer litchi are cultivated door search everywhere like Wang Qingmei buy the home. Litchi of sale in domestic market " slaughter " move although the farmer hits out actively,sell   seek buyer, but annual when litchi big batch is mature in May, as usual has size pedlar to get together to crouch check and accept to buy to town street. Village of article of Tan of 3 slope town appoint the Zhang Lihui of chairman village says, his home is planted litchi of 1000 individual plant, from since 3 have crop before New Year, annual by " slaughter " move sell litchi. He says, litchi maturity must be picked, so certain that day that sell, a few hours become angry, often one day drops a few times valence. Pedlar people very the characteristic that knows litchi to be hard to deposit, always be baleful demand a low price. Exit litchi refrigeratory " be on short commons "   and purchase and sale of litchi of sale in domestic market what two flourishing picture differs is, exit litchi is offerred beg hard less. But what in me at present the province pursues this business is large and medium-sized more enterprise, the country is cultivated door because do not know channel of computer, news not expedite wait for a reason, this cup of a thick soup on very bad component. Science and technology of king of the Li austral Hainan develops Huang Chuguang of minister of ministry of limited company career to say, this company sets total capacity in 3 slope 2000 tons refrigeratory processing factory, but day handles litchi 200 tons, this company besides the litchi that exports him base, still cultivate to periphery door open wide buy a gate, although what give the value more general than price of sale in domestic market 1 yuan tall above, but farmer people suffer traditional purchase and sale for a long time to be used to an influence, the person that send litchi to sell is less, come to a company two years refrigeratory often " be on short commons " . Cultivate door " bind " farmer of enclasp order   people does along He Duili the branch export self-distrust? I save litchi to cultivate analysis of expert Li Jun to say, the mainest reason is the litchi that farmhouse proper motion cultivates produce by standardization rarely. Farmer people do not know generally also do not pay attention to standardization to manufacture a technology, adherence all the time tradition is cultivated, its go up hard character if really. Does the our city cultivate large family how to eat on exit litchi this big fat? 3 slope are in charge of deputy alcalde Li Yaowu of agriculture to say, this town cultivates litchi to already had many mus 30 thousand, formed dimensions industry, dan Lizhi is sold is in a state of disunity all the time, sale in domestic market lies natural state, the consciousness to exit sale farmer more not strong. Do well litchi is packed start a brand, wide monarch litchi exports channel, it is the main task that face. City benefit farming Xie Chongfen of director of fruit major cooperation says, at present this company is in not only 3 big slope, slope two towns already collect 151 litchi cultivate large family (commune member) , asking while the expert gives lessons to cultivate a sermon, be opposite actively with exporter receive, cultivate door bind a group, pass what build meticulously " farmer of export business cooperation " this platform, agreement of enclasp purchase and sale and order, the road that widens litchi is exported.

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