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First litchi already appeared on each big supermarket " red in March " appear on
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Lu Shuqian of our newspaper reporter reports the citizen that likes have a taste of what is just in season noticed! The first batch of litchi had appeared on each ahead of schedule big supermarket. It is reported, the litchi breed that first appearing is red in March, producing area Hainan, it is our country at present the earliest litchi breed. Common saying says thing with rare for expensive, the reporter understands, first litchi market retail price is every jins about 20 multivariate, price on the high side. In the fruit archives of day rainbow shopping square, the reporter saw these its appearance not the litchi of raise: Leather lubricious Qing Duogong is little, fruit shoulder is bigger, fruit is very perfectly round a bit small, pulp candle white, fleshy thick nucleus is small, feed flavour sweet in the belt is acerbity. It is reported, "Red in March " fructification autumn is the last ten-day of a month in April commonly, produce mostly from Guangxi. Because the quantity is little price is high, the market sales volume of first litchi not flourishing, but the demand of the person that its the swift-footed arrive first satisfied certain have a taste of what is just in season. Tian Hong gives birth to delicacy to purchase department chief Huang Yuanhua to express, from purchase feedback information to look, homebred this year longan is off year, the price keeps balance with entrance longan even. Dan Lizhi is good year relatively, predict to will be in large-scale in May appear on the market, the price also can compare in former years low.

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