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Cherry flat peach appears on the market litchi depreciates two into
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Dispatch of Harbin news network (library of Guo Qing of trainee Jin Kai's reporter) the reporter is in Harbin city terminal market of a few fruits understands, litchi, cherry, flat peach is fresh recently appear. Yesterday, reporter in hada fruit dish hall of high-quality goods of terminal market fruit sees, like pestering the litchi that rise to resemble bouquet with stringy belt, grab an eye all the more, sales volume is hot, bought person in an endless stream. The phyletic and existing Xue Huaizi of litchi, hang green, crystal ball to wait. Among them litchi " imperial concubine laugh " fructification entrance is sweet embellish, refreshing, it is old little all the fruit beautiful of appropriate is tasted. Tell according to agency, at present the price of this kind of litchi is in 30 yuan / or so kilograms, sales volume is better. Common litchi price is cheaper, every kilograms 20 yuan or so. Litchi whole price and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year dropped 20% the left and right sides. As we have learned, the cherry of the flat peach that comes from Liaoning and Shandong also already small lot arrives.

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