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Guangdong Mao Mingli branch and longan already entered Australian market permiss
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Luxuriant name of China News Service on April 30 report (Xie Yuhui) cry to cicada again when Li is ripe. Australian quarantine official comes 28 days 29 days, to Guangdong the litchi of luxuriant name city, longan undertook a series of inspecting, think the litchi of luxuriant name, longan accords with the technology that two countries decides about plant quarantine to ask. Both sides signs an agreement, the litchi that allows Guangdong luxuriant name, longan asks to enter Australian market by the technology of two countries plant quarantine. Luxuriant name is China's largest fruit production base, the world of raise of name of Mao Mingli branch, longan. Came 29 days on April 28, guangdong examines the commission that quarantine bureau suffers total bureau of Chinese country qualitative check, guangdong luxuriant name will undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot before inviting Australian quarantine official. The production that Australian quarantine official knows Mao Mingli branch, longan in detail, management, pesticide is used, prevention and cure of plant diseases and insect pests, treatment, pack, cold storage, store wait for a circumstance, ask the question of respects of a lot of technology of concerned plant quarantine. The course makes an on-the-spot investigation, australian investigation group expresses satisfaction to this, think Mao Mingli branch, longan accords with the technology that two countries decides about plant quarantine to ask, enter a country those who allow Mao Mingli branch, longan proposal report gives the Australian government that is in Beijing delegation. Make Guangdong Mao Mingli branch, longan enters Oceanian market successfully thereby.

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