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Tree age 500 years city of luxuriant name tall state has above " litchi museum "
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The root town of ministry of southeast of city of luxuriant name tall state has litchi to produce in Qin Chao. Because this town is located in upland area, climate and landform benefit are produced at litchi. In this town at present cypress bridge village has a tribute garden, there is white sugar to small-mouthed jar in garden, white dried meat, the litchi tree of a few breed such as Ci of flavour of Hei Xie, imperial concubine laugh, laurel, red in March, polished glutinous rice, tree age is in more 500 years of above, be known as " litchi museum " . According to Shi Zai, the litchi that Gaolishigong acts according to Tangchao to sample to Yang Guifei is picked hereat field, because this origin is pressed down,ever was called " countryside of big Tang Li " . Current, this town cultivates litchi area to amount to 70 thousand mus, it is litchi cultivates the villages and towns with the largest area, be surely respectively by supervisory bureau of national Ministry of Agriculture, technology early or late in last few years " national white sugar small-moutheds jar, Bai Lali branch produces base " , " national litchi standardizes demonstrative area " . Area of travel of root agriculture sightseeing is located in the origin of ministry of fast city southwest to press down, in Qin Chao evening has litchi to produce. Area of travel of root litchi culture is the area of agricultural zoology travel that gives priority to a problem with litchi culture, comrade Jiang Zemin was chaired to fast city in Feburary 2000 " 3 tell " ever inspected to here, plant with one's own hands a litchi is cultivated " China is red " . Now " China is red " one of heat that already looked around into the passenger, "3 delegates " serious thought already wrote rule of join or be admitted to the party. Root town is called " Chinese litchi the first town " , litchi is cultivated with the history long, area big, crop is actor of tall, character, mature range of early, sale is wide and famed global. The tribute garden inside the area is known as " Chinese litchi museum " , tree age is in more 500 years of above, have Tangchao more the beauty that Gaolishi plucks litchi sends Yang Guifei is fabulous; Inside tribute garden, comrade Li Changchun also is planted with one's own hands tree of a litchi. The branch is leafiness now, a lot of tourists should take a picture to the front of the tree, accept as a souvenir. Ascend Guan Liting, overlook of look as far as one can, li sea is boundless and indistinct, group the building sets off one another, line of red green look, good scene of country of one clique Li. This affection this scene, only this is particular. The cypress bridge village of area of travel of root agriculture sightseeing has a tribute garden, tree age is in more 500 years of above, be known as " of " litchi museum. Since reforming and opening, should press down adjust measures to local conditions, the " that develops actively to be bibcock with litchi agriculture of 3 tall " , gross area of whole town litchi amounts to 4100 hectare, the breed of litchi, quality, area, crop all resides the coronal of countrywide villages and towns, be known as " China litchi " of the first town. Root litchi breed is all ready, white sugar small-moutheds jar, white dried meat, Ci of flavour of Hei Xie, laurel, polished glutinous rice, imperial concubine laugh, red in March wait for more than 10 breed. Root litchi at the Gregorian calendar the last ten-day of a month began to appear on the market in May, results of the last ten-day of a month ended in June, autumn adds a city than home, from change wait for other litchi to produce a division early 30 days or so. Li flower bloomed in Feburary, all over the mountains and plains, build by laying bricks or stones of powdery makeup jade, stop between beautiful diameter, step spring, admire the beauty of flowers, taste blow on the face of sweet, attractive spring breeze and come; 5, cicada cried in June Li is ripe, at this moment, rambling Li countryside, see Gong Li at the same time, sample at the same time litchi, give birth to one great a happening that gives great satisfaction or pleasure for the person truly. Build have Guan Liting, there is Gong Lishu of China of establish of Jiang Zemin hand by booth.

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