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Litchi sells network of have the aid of of old farmer of Russia Hui Dong to ente
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Pool of view of Cai of farmer of town of add lustre to of Hui Dong county of city of Guangdong benefit state is one falls because of market information, rely on market information to climb a comer again. In April 2003, he discovers message on Internet, with the identity of president of litchi major cooperation and Russia a company signed the contract of purchase and sale of 20 tons of bright Gan Lizhi, sampled the melting fruit that brings through information of network control market. A farmer of many years old 60, how is contemporary information network to become him to gallop the secret of bazaar " weapon " ? How is he to use network news to provide a service for the farmer? Recently, we press down one dug to add lustre to of Hui Dong county unexpectedly. Market information is ineffective had a deficit last nearly 100 thousand Cai Guantan centuries 60 time high school graduates, also be an intellectual at that time. Nevertheless, he missed the opportunity that becomes national cadre many times, be engaged in in the country all the time farming avocation production. From last centuries 80 time rise, he begins to buy litchi and treatment litchi to work. Go up through field of nearly 20 years of businesses feel climb boil dozen, he is experienced mastering market information is the key that gets benefit. Market information makes he was experienced " bazaar is like battlefield " , he describes himself is one pace dodder along of a fall comes over, fell, climb, fall again, climb again. 1986, be worth the year of litchi bumper harvest, at that time fruit grower people without special sale channel, cultivated litchi can be produced oneself only make work oneself. Then, he begins to buy litchi in place, again the fruit jobber that resell gives an other place. Once, one buys business in his litchi from the fruit jobber that turns city after the first batch of goods were being bought in the shop, the litchi quality that sees him is better, give 100 yuan of his money serve as order next the subscription of goods. He thinks the world person keeps promise with him, begin to buy the litchi on the market in great quantities. Time goes one days a day, do not appear tardy however from the fruit jobber that turns city. He is urgent, call go asking. The wife of jobber says: "Husband goes Zhejiang selling litchi, you are at ease, we can want your litchi certainly. " Laocai waited again. He is in to litchi provincial market information utterly ignorant, oneself cannot find buyer again, accumulation mountainous litchi can be worn soon only degenerative. Factual truth is: From because of,change fruit jobber litchi market price fall, annul do not go out, do not have reentry of capital have enough to meet need at all the 2nd batch of goods. The eye looks at the litchi that picks to rot in oneself before, cai view Tan Youxin is painful but. That year of his deficit is close 100 thousand yuan. The business is failure, but borrow credit agency to buy the fund of litchi or should be returned at that time. Gnash one's teeth of Cai view pool is in him the low with 20 thousand yuan sold a ground of the county to go out, the archives mouth that presses down oneself in ruins again also sells. Southern daily aids his to dig " the first pail of gold " information of   lack market makes Cai watchs again and again of the bruise on field of Tan Zaisheng meaning. He tells the author, because did not master market information, was defeated 3 times repeatedly on business field, but he never admits defeat. Just since then, he begins to comprehend market information to be opposite the importance of a businessmen, also began with market information " intimate contact " . "Always show appreciation for sb happily the person of those constantly strive to become stronger. " what the author did not think of is, the first pail of gold that Cai Guantan turns over is to result from actually a news of our newspaper. That is last centuries a year of 80 time end, the litchi of Hui Dong county is particularly good sell, goods in stock has sold one sky, still have a lot of fruit jobber in succession incoming telegram and come to beg buy. Old Cai Zai " southern daily " on see a news about bumper harvest of fast city litchi. Information touched his nerve: "There still is litchi certainly there. " the company of supply and marketing that he runs to post office to give fast city place immediately sent to beg bought wire. Very fast, to convenient wire back the newspaper says: "Litchi does not have goods, a large number of litchi work, fast come. " Laocai does not have rushed action, know product quality with the other side ceaselessly however, negotiate the price, seek buyer actively. He purchased a batch of litchi to work with low finally, carry oneself sale channel very quickly, with prep above replenish onr's stock the price of nearly 5 times sold valence to go out, earn those who turn over " the first pail of gold " . 1996, cai watchs pool collapse its are all, established limited company of food of green of dish of fresh fruit of the four seasons of benefit state city. A cycle of sixty years learns computer to roam the savor on the net the Cai Guantan after benefit sends irremediable, he begins to pay close attention to a variety of the press, often read newspaper, clip, study science and technology from inside the press, know market information. Early a few years, he bought a computer, began roam on the net. Cai Guantan is the person of year of even more a cycle of sixty years after all, learn computer to want than the youth god-given much. He does not understand to be consulted to others, go to the countryside of Hui Dong county imparts the computer teacher that the personnel of a few technologies of agricultural knowledge also became him. Through effort of a few years, cai Guantan learned to type, information of online search market, still can sell litchi, action the talented person on the net, advertise. 2002, the litchi market that he learns the United States on the net is very good, buy litchi to export the United States in the market, later because quarantine is unqualified and turn sell Canada. The secret that network news makes him get market information " weapon " . 2003, he goes up through the net again and a company signed 20 tons litchi to work in Shenzhen is Russia a product. He tells the author, those who solve litchi last the technology was become do the business make large stumbling block by force. Fine to find installation and litchi last technical professional, he goes up to wide post a letter ceases and search relevant data in the net. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, he has litchi to last in the discovery on a certain website eventually the talent of technical patent, call actively go be being contacted with the other side. Pass a few times exchange views, give this talented person of Jiangsu Changzhou eventually dug come over, let his technology become a shareholder. Current, they already build new-style last library, preparation is in litchi of experiment of litchi the crown of the year lasts this year. The go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures on the net enters new way Cai to watch a pool to see beside a lot of fruit grower or devoid science and technology, or do not know development market, often appear good year not bumper harvest, increase production does not add the appearance that control. In last few years, the high grade litchi of a lot of areas exports a few nations of the United States, Canada and Europe in succession, economic benefits rises apparently. Add lustre to presses down periphery to have garden of 200 thousand mus of litchi, but a litchi of a production often for lack of environmental protection consciousness, do not pay attention to produce without social effects of pollution, cause litchi to had been not connected when wholesome quarantine, cannot move toward an international market. Last year, he is informed an other place to have the management pattern of professional cooperation from the net, offer to hold water " cooperation of major of bright litchi of the four seasons of Hui Dong county " . 10 add lustre to, farmers that wish two towns more become a commune member above all. Cai Guantan imparts enthusiasticly to manufacture a technology without litchi of social effects of pollution, longan to the commune member, supply fertilizer, pesticide for the commune member, expedite technician to undertake specific guidance to the orchard of every commune member. To make fruit grower people can understand market information and manufacturing technology, cai Guantan still made up oneself " brief of litchi major cooperation " , the data that downloads information of a few supply and demand and manufacturing technology nonskedly from agricultural website sends fruit grower people in the hand. Litchi major cooperation with " run by the local people, civilian canal, civilian be benefited " form, rise the minor production of farmer and big market join, get the welcome of the farmer, a lot of farmers ask to join. So far, the commune member has increased 126. Province agriculture hall and person of group of city agriculture bureau undertook investigating to this company, approve this company to be province city economy of collaboration of major of two class farmer organizes pilot unit, also be only of benefit state city one makes a province organization of pilot professional collaboration economy. Relevant report: "The countryside of litchi " town grand had fruit grower of fruiterer mark place but low uses this brand to reach the   that pack a few days ago, ou Zhenlong presses down this world of benefit of benefit state city from Guangzhou recapture fruit grower people long long for, the brand that gives priority to with litchi graph registers card, left to do not have the history of him fruit registered trade mark from now on. It is reported, this town will be unified use " town grand " brand label. Local fruit grower can use this brand to reach with very low price pack. According to preliminary estimation, after the fruit that press down grand uses this label, can raise a fruit additional cost, sale channel expands further, fruit grower is benefited accordingly, increase income. The town that press down grand is famous " the countryside of litchi " , enter on century after 80 time, the person that press down grand begins large area to cultivate litchi, to 90 time end, the litchi that press down grand cultivates an area to already amounted to 32 thousand mus, year income many yuan 2000, per capita 1000 multivariate, make the pillar industry of this town. To improve litchi quality, this town pushs Ci of An Guiwei, polished glutinous rice, imperial concubine laugh to wait for high grade breed energetically, press down high grade breed to cultivate an area to already amounted to many mus 20 thousand completely at present. Regard the famous brand of benefit city as breed, the litchi that press down grand 80% export, in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan quite welcome. Move toward the whole nation to let press down Long Lizhi, pressed down Long Lizhi to pass place of technical appraisement of Chinese produce quality to detect in August 2002, be actorred or actress for the name by assess breed, played the international produce fair that holds in Beijing, caused the attention of travelling merchant of China and foreign countries. Begin from 2003, this town already proceed " press down Long Lizhi " brand registers the job. Author: Liu Hanhui of reporter of reporter plum long rainbow Lu Shunhui Lin Dongming Qiu Lan flower

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