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French Paris citizen can eat on produce from China airborne the fresh litchi tha
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Guangzhou of China News Service on May 12 report (Ou Yuming of Guo Jun Hu Yejun) rise from today, the citizen of French Paris has the luck to eat sth delicious to taste savor to produce from fresh and China, airborne and those who arrive " magnetism of polished glutinous rice " litchi. This is this year since first carry goes to Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport the Chinese litchi of the European Union. This morning 6 when 30 minutes, gross weight of 42 big case 617 kilograms " Ci of polished glutinous rice " litchi by Hainan urgent carry to Guangzhou freight of international of Bai Yun airport superintends a storehouse. To serve a plane litchi as soon as possible, the airport moves plant quarantine, custom, install check and freight branch to add special channel ahead of schedule, check does to put goods to hand over formalities inside half an hour, and with AF of boat of law of mount of express goods form Paris of non-stop flight to of one O7 airliner. According to introducing, these litchi are packed independently for vacuum polybag, 500 grams a bag, coat bubble box lades, direct and airborne toward Paris, by large supermarket sale of place. The litchi that carry goes to Europe previously, much by Hong Kong a favourable turn, take time is arduous, very disadvantageous. From this year airport of Guangzhou white cloud opens Guangzhou to reach Paris after the airliner, freight company changes litchi by Guangzhou straight boat, this day can amount to destination, can place litchi supermarket (arrival time is about local time 16 when) , supply Parisian citizen. If this litchi carriage sale is successful, the fresh litchi that can have 45 tons of Hainan or Guangdong every week later by Paris of this airport non-stop flight to, supply European market ceaselessly.

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