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Drive early it is happen to protects booth " red in March " litchi appears on th
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Hainan news network on April 9 message: Protect booth on April 8 report " sorching ate in June litchi " line, protecting the area when autonomous county of Miao Zu of booth the Li nationality has shoulded not. At present, the early litchi that this county cultivates " red in March " already began to appear on the market group by group from March, let people have a taste of what is just in season gain the market again already. Yesterday, gentleman of king of Shanghai travelling merchant will protect booth base of a litchi, host is picked scarlet and squashy " red in March " litchi lets him sample, the click of the tongue after he eats is favorable: "Early litchi sweet sweet! " " red in March " it is to protect booth last centuries the admirable litchi breed after a kind of classics that 90 time introduce from Guangdong is improved, because protect booth agelong and average air temperature 22 degrees of above, climate condition is advantageous, and rainwater is abundant, litchi can mature March appear on the market, friend says " red in March " . Its autumn is midder than Hainan other city county is early half month comes a month, earlier than Guangdong area a many month. Because time is early, the market alone this one, accordingly very suffer consumer to favor, the product sells Shanghai, Guangzhou to wait metropolitan, the price is very good. Yesterday, the reporter is in new politics town one litchi garden sees, "Red in March " litchi fructification again and again, press curved branch. Field advocate tell a reporter, his home planted 10 mus " red in March " , the first batch of fruit already in March the bottom appears on the market, the price every kilograms 20 yuan. In last few years, protect booth " red in March " litchi regards as industry of dominant product, pillar and characteristic economy will catch, adopt " drawing of governmental guiding, company, cadre is driven, linkage of field native place " means, from capital, technology, kind the respect such as seedling, service undertakes giving aid to. Current, entire county already was cultivated " red in March " many mus 5000, hang among them fruit 2300 mus

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