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How to store up with microtherm litchi of transportation and sale?
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Microtherm stores up carriage litchi is safer than normal temperature, can reduce decay to be able to save raw ingredient again already inside proper time. Store up with microtherm carriage litchi is right ripe spent requirement and like collecting aftertreatment practice to be the same as normal temperature. It is then beforehand Ling, pack, put in storage. From collect receive put in storage, had better finish inside 6 hours, finish inside that day at least. Temperature control is in L - 5 ℃ . (I) beforehand cold be in namely store up before carrying, the quantity of heat that brings litchi from the orchard with the rapiddest rate and place of breath of itself of Li ability fructification give off breathing quantity of heat to be eliminated quickly. For this, can gush drenchs the cold water of 6 one 10 ℃ , or dip puts water on the ice. Through beforehand cold litchi can raise those who install car hind greatly to drop in temperature speed. (2) is packed should consider already proper and sealed protect wet, should consider to be helpful for again ventilated drop in temperature, accordingly, had better be union of the photograph of inside and outside that pack, inner packing uses film, outer packing uses bamboo a bamboo basket or paper case. Paper box must stiletto, system of cold steam of convenient inside and outside is exchanged. (The most notable when 8) put in storage or outfit car put in storage is pile problem. If the paper box of stiletto is in when refrigeratory pile each other do not leave certain gap, that also does not have due effect. If put in storage not first beforehand cold, so, the must ask thermal drop to place inside 24 hours temperature after put in storage, also must fall at least 10 ℃ are the following. The Li school that needs carry also enters icebox first commonly, when carrying outside, cold storage car opens refrigeratory doorway to assemble a car directly. Store up in microtherm in carriage process, temperature avoid is fluctuant, once warm up, drop in temperature again after, litchi is changeful also brown, this want special attention.

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