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The research that consenescence of peel of the litchi in storing up change
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Adopt the litchi variety that receives 9 maturity yuan red fructification, via the cent after antiseptic dip fruit 7 groups undertake reservior manages: A group, PE bag packs room temperature to store up; B group, wet Shabu protects wet room temperature to store up; C group, contrast (the room temperature inside box of paper of fructification park mouth stores up) ; D group, after bag of the PE below room temperature stores up 7 days, take off except; E group, microtherm stores up (℃ of 9 ± 1 ) add PE bag; F group, become lukewarm to store up add PE bag (after E group stores up 27 days, immigrant room temperature) ; G group, become lukewarm to take off except PE bag (after E group stores up 27 days, take off except PE bag immigrant room temperature) . Change of moisture of the fructification in studying litchi stores up is structure, phenolic to peel cell the influence of enzymatic active of much kind of material content, more phenolic oxidation. The result makes clear, the litchi peel that brown changes dehydrates badly, cause twice of cellular electrical conductivity to rise, cellular bioplasm dehydrate is condensed, the structure is destroyed completely, enzymatic active of oxidation of peel much phenol drops 80 % above, phenolic kind corporeal content reduces 50 % left and right sides, not brown changes the situation of fructification is opposite. The key that brown of the fructification after preventing to collect changes is to control peel to dehydrate with defer cellular consenescence. 7 reservior manage to make clear quite, PE bag packs pair of litchi fructification not only have the effect that defend water, still have the effect that enrage tone, the effect that delays peel cell consenescence and brown to change is more distinct.

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