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How does litchi store up last?
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Litchi lasts store up the method basically has the following kinds: 1, normal temperature stores up. If litchi does not add any antiseptic, general 5, 7 days of all brown change. The anticorrosive action that at present normal temperature stores up to want to combine medicaments commonly will achieve store goal, propagable antiseptic has benzene to come aluminium of phosphor of spirit of bacterium of special, benzene, much bacterium spirit, sterilization power, second, Tekeduo, attack because the sea is waited a moment. Lay aside carry often cannot get large-scale productivity normal temperature to last duely the effect, last period also have 1 week or so only, apply to carry of 5 days of short-term lay aside. 2, microtherm is initiative air air stores up. This law asks to store up the temperature in the process does not have acuteness wave motion, carbon dioxide does not exceed 10% . Polyethylene film adds paper box to pack, every box 5 kilograms, in temperature 1, 3 ℃ , relative humidity 85% , 90% above, can last 20, 30 days. Fresh litchi is used 0.24, the polyethylene bag with 0.25 large millimeter is sealed pack, fruit of every in bags 15 kilograms, be in 1, below 5 ℃ condition, can store up 30, 40 days. 7, the litchi of 8 maturity, in plastic film bag, can store up 47 days below 5 ℃ . 3, microtherm stores up. Choose maturity to agree, the litchi that does not have plant diseases and insect pests is solid, classics is anticorrosive after processing, with plastic small box is packed store up below microtherm. Store up below 5 ℃ it is good to store up 30 days fruit rate is 85% , 88% , dan Lizhi sends raw or cold food easily in cold storage to kill, the lay aside below 1 ℃ 30, 35 days of meetings are sufferred not reversible cold kill; The lay aside below 5 ℃ 30, what cause 30 days is cold kill reversible, move after answering normal temperature recoverable fructification character. Special attention library wants in cold storage lukewarm constant and collecting the time that gets put in storage not to exceed 12 hours, and should install with Xiaobao, in store up should not be in the process open Xiaobao to install. 4, bubble box adds ice. Whole process asks the operation is careful, the action is quick, take put down gently gently, from collect ask to be finished inside 4-6 hour to outfit car if really. The motion of litchi lay aside that introduces bubble box to add ice lasts technology, after be being carried via 3 day and night commonly, what litchi still keeps original is vermeil, gust is changeless, good fruit rate amounts to 93% above, moisture loss does not exceed 3% . But bring about fructification very easily to appear to carbon dioxide is harmed and contain peculiar smell, consequently only comfortable at 3, 4 days of short distance are carried use, there is 2 after arriving in order to ensure, sale time of 3 days. 5, chemical medication. ① fumes sulfur dip acid: Sulfur processing and dip acid answer color, prevent litchi brown effectively to change, maintain peel red. The exit litchi such as south Africa, Israel uses this technology to European market, some produce our country the area also begins to use this technology. With the suffocating of 2 oxidation sulfur of 0.6% 15 minutes, pulp sulfur remain is 6PPM, again classics acid treatment 30 seconds, intensity of red of recoverable litchi peel, raise fructification crack fruit rate to reach store up the process dehydrates mediumly rate. ② groovy antiseptic: Go up in litchi in order to or the antiseptic and anticorrosive effect such as aluminium of phosphor of mildew Zun, Shi Baoke, Shi Baojun, Tekeduo, second is better. Antiseptic is anticorrosive processing, reduce the decay after collecting effectively; Processing of fluid of antiseptic medicines of a hot or warm nature can improve anticorrosive result, but processing of medicines of a hot or warm nature needs specific establishment, have not gain ground on production at present. 6, hot water and acerbity dip processing. The litchi of hot water treatment that uses 98 ℃ 3 seconds, only exocarp is affected, and mesocarp lining and endocarp are insusceptible, the HCI of repass PH0.5 is handled, can make litchi skin restores red, but colour and lustre and natural facial expression have certain difference, and goods shelves period is shorter. Use 100 ℃ boiling water to iron float 7 seconds, can make litchi skin active relatively contrast reduce about 5 times the left and right sides, 3% citric acid handle reuse, can make peel shows bright red color. The 10% citric acid that use 46.5 ℃ immerse 20 minutes with mixed liquor of 0.2% benzoic acid natrium, after 18 days next storing up, 4 ℃ maintain better outward appearance and hardness, but gust drops; And use 10% citric acid to add 0.2% benzoic acid natrium to handle 10 minutes, hardness of the fructification after storing up and cuisine are better, dan Yan quality is a bit poor.

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