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Litchi fructification lasts store up methodological introduction
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Litchi belongs to semi-tropical fruiter, fructification is mature at 67 months, fructification flesh is qualitative juicily, sweet profit is nice, beautiful of all of its color, sweet, flavour. Dan Lizhi very do not be able to bear or endure lay aside, as a result of,basically be fructification (especially peel) special shape structure, after collecting, brown of extremely easy generation changes (physiology disease) with decay (microbial disease) be caused by. Introduce the following kinds to collect now pre-treatment and after collecting, last method. One, litchi of the job before collecting fruit period suffers insect enroach on easily, like Ai Wen the bug of moth endangers ministry of litchi fructification the base of a fruit, affect the growth of small fruit, bead having dung is accumulated inside the base of a fruit; Butterfly eat by moth feeds litchi ash litchi nucleus, the litchi fructification be murdered of early breed is become particularly serious. The pest is while litchi of clothes food store is solid, caused a lot of cut, speech corrupt bacteria is able to seize the opportunity and enter, use gains is cankered. Accordingly, must have done work from what treat insect pest, ensure litchi fact is complete nondestructive, store up with benefit. Pick day of the 10-15 before closing, with 80% second phosphor the zinc of spic poisonous manganese of 300 times fluid or 500-1000PPM sprays twice, can decrease store up the bacteria in the process is invaded catch. At the same time not the fat conduit before this must strengthen litchi to collect manages, begin to be about to notice to catch mildew of epidemic disease of good litchi frost and anthrax disease from florescence (this 2 disease are the main bacteria that decay causes after litchi is collected) prevention and cure, the happening that bug of fruit of litchi eat by moth pays close attention after Xie Hua is feel a case, spray in time insecticide tries to control, ensure unripe dark a colour and lustre is bright-coloured, fruit good meat is real, without the branch of high grade litchi of ill bug. Commonly used antiseptic has zinc of manganese of 58% luck poisonous mildew (Er of grain supply center of renown Lei Duo, zinc of armour frost clever manganese) 600 times fluid, the times fluid of 600-800 of Ke Lou or big unripe M45, 40% second phosphor is 200 times more aluminous fluid, commonly used insecticide has 90% dipterex 600-800 times fluid, 40.7% 1000 times fluid mixes Le Siben 80% DDVP 800 times fluid. 2, timely collect close in peel to turn into from green yellow gules (individual breed is exceptional) when, the litchi that can begin to offer far use is collected close. If be sold nearly or treatment of on the spot, picked peel rich and generous, pit already turned aglow, pulp into lacquer Brown, have litchi sweet gust, without " black carapace " (downy mildew fruit) fructification, mature with 8-9 had better. Litchi had better be collected before early morning sunrise close. Midday, air temperature is high afternoon, after collecting make peel dehydrates easily and become angry, easy generation cracks the fruit that gathers after wet or rain if really, adverse store up. Between result mother branch and fruit spic " bibcock " or " calabash head " cut fruit spike below, manage one by one in fruit handle next fine cut, in order to contain 1-2 piece leafiness had better (if use quick-freeze law to store up, take fruit the base of a fruit only) . Take what the branch rectifies bunch litchi to store up the odd fruit that keeps kind of effect comparing not to head a branch is good, collect close should take put down gently gently, avoid inside and outside to hurt, collect the fructification below to should issue on the spot to classification in the tree, the eliminate sodden fruit, fructification that cracks harm of ill bug of fruit etc quilt. 3, last pre-treatment will be centered below shade of a tree via the be good at fruit that pick or temporarily in fruit canopy beforehand cold, still can be united in wedlock have chemistry anticorrosive, also can use clear bath fruit, air hind packs carry in time to send. Can put litchi fact be inside paper box or have with liner multilayer the bamboo basket of paper is packed, every weigh 20 kilograms in order to be the same as fair facilitate assemble and unassemble and tired take put down gently, overweight because assemble and unassemble difficult, easy cause a large number of damage and the speech is cankered. Also can use the plastic film bag with 0.3-0.5 large millimeter, 10-15 of every in bags kilogram. Next; ; Inside park paper box. The requirement is collecting 3 hours of inline processing after closing to end. From collect receive place of put in storage to spend time to heal short, its store up life grows more, can maintain cheat quality more. The microtherm environment of short time is favorable store up.

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