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Before litchi stores up antiseptic and anticorrosive handle
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Application is new-style and efficient low poisonous antiseptic and last the agent is to store up lasted important step. Can choose according to particular case. (1) benzene comes special or Zun of Sai benzene Mi (tears needs clever) 1000ppm, can prevent litchi fructification decay effectively to hold concurrently a bit prevent fructification to change the effect of brown. (2) use fruit of dip of natrium of 2 % second chloric acid 3 minutes, can store up 7 days below room temperature, store up 42 days below 7 ℃ . (3) in 3 % ~ natrium of acid of phenyl of 0.25 % adjacent is joined in fluid of 9 % candle Tu Guo, in 30 ~ 35 ℃ , relative humidity 59 % condition issues 56 % ~ , lengthen store up period 3 ~ 6 days. (4) with 0.5 % ~ fruit of dip of natrium of acetic acid of 1.5 % dehydrogenation, can control the development of litchi mould. (5) 2 oxygen bromic alkyl is fumed if really, every kilograms of litchi uses 1 gram, or with 500ppm chloric saltpetre amine and 500ppm need greatly fruit of quick solution dip 3 ~ 5 minutes, the polyethylene film bag with 0.03 large millimeter packs reoccupy, every in bags 1 ~ 2 kilograms, in 2 ~ store up in the refrigeratory of 3 ℃ , 25 ~ after 30 days, color, sweet, flavour is normal. (6) 2 chloric amine add benzene to come special (0.375 grams 0.625 grams / premium) solution issues dip fruit 10 minutes in 52 ℃ , effectively control pricks dish of Bao to belong to mix Bao of many dishes of wool belongs to mould. (7) the benzene that uses 0.05 % , 52 ℃ comes special solution immerses fructification 2 minutes, pack with polybag, every in bags 1 kilogram, restrain the growth of litchi mould effectively. Or after dip fruit, air, put into quadrate strong plastic case, 10 ~ 15 fruit / box, cover the polyethylene film with 0.01 deep millimeter again, in Guangzhou 35.5 ℃ condition falls, can maintain 6 ~ 7 days commonly. (8) with much bacterium spirit fruit of dip of 0.2 % solution 1 minute, pack with polybag, every in bags 5 kilograms. (9) 1000ppm is overcome especially after adding antiseptic processing of aluminium of 1000Ppm second phosphor more, with 0.025 millimeter deep polyethylene film is packed, every in bags 1 kilogram, store up in the refrigeratory of 5 ℃ . (10) the bacterium of 0.05 % benzene that uses 52 ℃ is clever solution dip fruit 2 minutes, lap with avirulent pvc film. Decay and brown can be deferred to change below normal temperature a week. (11) the 0.1 % that use 52 ℃ hold fruit of dip of cloth ferry solution in the palm 2 minutes, load the polyethylene film bag with 0.04 large millimeter, every in bags 500 grams litchi is solid, can restrain a mildew to belong to belong to mould to grow with aspergillus. (12) attack the sea because (namely different bacterium Niao or different third are decided) it is protection antiseptic, can restrain spore bud and hypha body to grow, use chroma is 1000ppm, litchi is saved below normal temperature. But attack the sea because the price is high, litchi lasts with it, economic benefits is not big.

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