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Litchi beforehand cold purpose with action
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Beforehand cold it is will fresh collect the product that accept carrying, the process that store up or machines field heat of rapid before eliminate, most fruit vegetables needs beforehand cold. Litchi beforehand cold purpose and action. Litchi is collected close to be worth midsummer, temperature is high, collect much field heat is contained after closing, because water content is high, be in commonly 90% above, specific heat is big (adjacent at water) temperature drops slow, the rate that its character lowers and temperature are having affinity. Temperature heals tall, character drops speed heals fast. If the litchi of will many high temperature piles up at shipping car or store up inside the library, quantity of heat cannot seasonable be lost, can make character changes quickly bad even large quantities of decay, shorten store up period. Be spent when the delicacy of fructification and once character drops, restore impossibly again, so beforehand cold should undertake as early as possible, want the temperature that falls quickly to set. Accordingly, after litchi is collected, answer as soon as possible its fruit is lukewarm reduce most area of each main forces or adjacent the most comfortable store up temperature. General1 kilogramFructification drops temperature1 ℃, will release heat to measure 3.68 joule. Appropriate beforehand Leng Ke produces tasted cankered rate with reducing, utmost ground maintains before collecting fresh degree reach character. Beforehand cold it is the temperature environment with favorable creation is mixed the first pace. Lengthen litchi from collect receive beforehand cold time, inevitable meeting increases the after collecting loss of the product, and seasonable the product beforehand cold the temperature that needs to place, can restrain the growth with microbial corruption, those who restrain enzymatic ethylene release. Beforehand cold have the following effect: ① drops fruit vegetables temperature quickly, reduce respiration intensity thereby, decrease use up, the character that is helpful for maintaining the fructification during storing up is new, reduce cankered metamorphism. ② is passed beforehand cold the fruit vegetables after enters cold storage car or less air conditioning is used up after icebox, prevent a car the rise with lukewarm or lukewarm library. ③ is passed beforehand cold fruit vegetables is fought quite in the following cold storage cold kill, can reduce physiology disease. ④ without beforehand cold fruit vegetables outfit is inside cold storage car or inside refrigeratory, because fruit is gentle the library is lukewarm or the temperature inside railroad car differs big, fructification moisture evaporates fast, quicken fructification dehydrate, also make the humidity inside refrigeratory or railroad car exorbitant at the same time, coping lunt condenses into drip drop to answer fruit box to go up, this is very adverse to store up or be being carried, through beforehand cold can avoid this problem.
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