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Litchi motor transportation lasts technology - bubble box is added put on
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Litchi autumn relatively concentration, extremely do not be able to bear or endure lay aside carry. The cold chain that at present the developed country uses generally is carried still gain ground hard in our country, because this exploration popularizes endowment of a kind of put into production,the litchi lay aside with little, handy operation carries the method is imperative already. In recent years, the motion of litchi lay aside that Guangxi litchi produces an area to begin to use box of a kind of bubble to add ice lasts technology, after be being carried via 3 day and night commonly, what litchi still keeps original is vermeil, gust is changeless, good fruit rate amounts to 93% above, moisture loss does not exceed 3% . Introduce as follows now. 1, 1.1 bubble box basically has material   3 kinds of norms: 260mm of × of 300mm of × of 510mm of casket of 300mm; of × of 350mm of × of 510mm of the box in 300mm; of × of 450mm of × of big case 600mm, can install respectively 20, 15 with 10kg Xian Guo. Car of 5t lengthen east wind can assemble big case 300 or so. 1.2 bright litchi are collected before sunshine morning sunrise close, with 89 maturity had better, take a branch to make bunch relatively the odd fruit that does not head a branch is good, collect after closing move quickly to shady and cool place. Car of 5t lengthen east wind can carry Xian Lizhi 6000kg to control. 1.3 large ice cube and glacial bottle press litchi and ice cube the weight of 1 compares 8 ∶ prepare large ice cube, weight is every commonly 30, 50, 100kg, use at modulation low temperature anticorrosive fluid. Glacial bottle is abandoned with 1.2L old get together fat bottle adds water-cooling to freeze ice to be made, by 2 ∶ with bubble box the scale of 1 prepares. The ice cube that car of 5t lengthen east wind needs to prepare 750kg to control and 600 glacial bottle of the left and right sides. Need additionally to prepare basket of crock of old batt, flood, round bamboo and heal glue to wait. 2, methodological   2.1 choose artificially single out tattered fruit, brown to change to wait with ill bug fruit if really if really, undertake be arranginged appropriately reaching clip to fruit spic. 2.2 anticorrosive drop in temperature processing uses clear water and ℃ of 4-8 of Wen Wei of water of modulation of broken ice cube first, join benzene to come special or Zun of Sai benzene Mi (tears needs clever) the anticorrosive juice that deserves to be 1000ppm into chroma, the basket that use bamboo is replete the litchi fresh fruit that has picked immerses in anticorrosive fluid 4-5 minute, take out drop 10-15 minute. Often complement medical fluid and ice cube, reach water in order to maintain medical fluid chroma lukewarm. The diagonal of box of sealed preexistence bubble sets upright 2.3 case each put an ice bottle, drop dry 20kg Xian Lizhi puts bubble final lid good case is built inside box, with heal glue sealed. 2.4 outfit car carries bottom of preexistence railroad car to fill up an old batt. Grow bubble box and railroad car edge parallel compact arrange, on the face that build a mouth, be in next railroad car four all round reach roof to fill shop old batt. Whole process asks the operation is careful, the action is quick, take put down gently gently, from collect ask to be finished inside 4-6 hour to outfit car if really. But what should notice is, this method lasts time is not quite long, it is 5-6 day commonly, consequently only comfortable at 3-4 day carriage distance is used, with ensuring to there is the sale time of 2-3 day after arriving.

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