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"Wear set " carry of lay aside of eat by moth of bug of solution of litchi
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The litchi such as carry of lay aside of eat by moth of bug of new technology solution exports 4 catastrophe problem to wear set " litchi ox rose a litchi wears   a technology, make unexpectedly " the base of a fruit of fruit of bug eat by moth " , " pesticide remain exceeds bid " , " do not be able to bear or endure lay aside carry lasts " , " fructification is chromatic and undesirable sell differ " wait for be readily solved of difficult problem of 4 big outlet! Come day after day, the litchi that Guangdong each district already had many tons 30 to cover bag of production exports Japan, beauty straightwayly to add, and other places of Europe, middle east, southeast Asia. Litchi is worn cover borer not to invade flavour of Ci of pouch of Li of many mus of 8000   Zhuhai, Yang Jiang, Zhan Jiang, Shenzhen, luxuriant name, imperial concubine laugh that base tries in adding a city to wait, goose egg, jade, polished glutinous rice, laurel to wait for a bag. Predict more than 100 tons to the litchi that covers bag of base speaks a volume this year, than growing 10 before times; Business contends for the fruit that drew countrywide each district to be purchased, every kilograms of price increased 2~4 yuan, every mus increase net profit 1540~1660 yuan. Ground of figure of local fruit grower says: "Litchi is worn set, borer is not invaded, be able to bear or endure lay aside bright red, exit changes level road! " exit of   Guangdong litchi has " 4 difficult "   has " king of the fruit austral mountain " wait for the United States praise Guangdong litchi, annul reach the road rugged with provincial sale in domestic market to the international market, the reason is process of produce and sale puts in 4 catastrophe to inscribe: It is fruit the base of a fruit often by eat by moth of place of borer of the base of a fruit; 2 it is to be worm to destroy ill employ pesticide is caused however " pesticide remain exceeds bid " ; 3 it is to not be able to bear or endure lay aside carry lasts, go up the life after goods shelves is brief; 4 it is peel pigment chromatic all do not sell differ. How to eliminate " 4 difficult " the difficult problem that all through the ages is farming division job. Ancient bronze mirror this, the farming division expert of the unit of 10 scientific research such as institute of crop of tropics of South Asia of academy of sciences of intertropical agriculture of horticultural institute, China began college of Hua Na agriculture jointly " litchi fact is covered bag help advance somebody's career technology " research. Chose a kind to breathe freely, pervious to light, durable white is not had spin cloth to make litchi cover fruit is special bag, the price is the one times above that common litchi does. Be opposite namely after premature drop of physiology of litchi first time ends fruit spic has a bag, use special seal plunge into bag mouth to finish a bag to operate, the along with after waiting for fructification to mature is covered bag collect together close. Open a bag, inside unexpectedly " irregular change " going out is ripe color completely beautiful beautiful, without social effects of pollution, accord with exit " green food " standard, inside and outside is sold all the high quality litchi of appropriate comes. Does small bag become litchi " is protection magical " why is   covered smally bag is there this magical function? And listen China farming path of Chen Riyuan tirelessly comes to big horticultural prexy: Spray pesticide can cause fructification to pollute and bring about exit to accept restriction, fruit grower people be faced with all the time to this " hold back from taking action against sb for fear of injuring others " situation of be in a dilemma. Nowadays once fruit spic is covered after bag, the gets mildew of He Shuang disease infection that prevented borer of the base of a fruit effectively above all, with one action was broken through " fructification gives birth to bug " , " pesticide remains " this two big " bottleneck " . -- , cover bag of solubility protein that can increase peel apparently content and add thick waxiness layer, increase the capacity defending water of peel, make fructification surface damage is able to avoid, this is litchi can long-distance last the assurance that lay aside carries. -- , but pervious to light white is not had spin bag can make the light is entered, make fructification chromatic and even, peel is bright red, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, thereby " sell " become beautiful beautiful. -- , set bag can close to day of 5~10 of litchi in advance matures again, grab every kilograms of early city price to increase 2~4 yuan. The help solves me to save " it is difficult to sell Li "   connoisseur statistic, litchi wore a technology to raise the character of litchi and yield, managing pesticide cost, every mus are added receive 2200 yuan; Eliminate litchi is worn cover every mus to increase special bag and cover bag cost 400~480 yuan, increase net profit 1540~1660 actually yuan. Expert introduction, current, the promotion range that litchi covers bag of technology already was delayed to 5 provinces such as Hainan, Guangxi, Fujian and Yunnan from Guangdong (area) 30 many city (county) , accumulative total popularizes an area to cross 10 thousand mus. If fruit of Zhuhai city gold amounts to agriculture,limited company of new and high technology uses a bag to help advance somebody's career the litchi after the technology is obtained respectively " food of class A green " attestation, " food of AA class green " attestation and " organic food " attestation. The expert points out, litchi wore a technology to develop the green channel that exports sale in domestic market, become the effective prescription clever law that initiates litchi brand, current to solving I save litchi " it is difficult to sell Li " the problem has great sense. The expert thinks, litchi covers bag of technology to have wide promotion perspective. In the meantime, white is not had spun hop-pocket to win national patent.

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