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Two kinds of litchi basically store up means
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(one) microtherm stores up law

Natural low temperature stores up: Collect when litchi is mature close, used benzene of 52 ℃ , 500mg/kg that day 2min of fruit of dip of Lai spy solution, drop does liquid medicine, put into strong plastic case, every 10 ~ 15, with 0.01mm deep polyethylene film is sealed, lay aside 7d can fall in natural low temperature, carry lubricious scent basically changeless.

Also can use mature Xian Lizhi 3min of dip of 0.5% bluestone solution, use polyethylene having opening to pack next, can store up below room temperature 6d, maintain the outward appearance bright red. Microtherm refrigerates a law: Use 3min of fruit of dip of chloric acid natrium 2% times, after drop does liquid medicine, store up litchi in 7 ℃ environment, can maintain 40d to control, lubricious fragrance still good.

(2) air air stores up law

Pouch packs a way: Litchi closes at be being collected when 8 maturity, the 0.05% benzene Lai that used 52 ℃ that day is special, spirit of 0.1% much bacterium or the ferry that hold cloth in the palm, or 0.1% benzene Lai adds 0.05% ~ especially 20s of second phosphor aluminous dip, polyethylene is loaded after air of drop castration fluid in plastic pouch or box, bag is large 0.02 ~ 0.04mm, 0.5kg of every bags of 0.2 ~ , the ethylene absorbefacient that adds certain amount (potassium permanganate or activated carbon) hind heal, park lades carry of the lay aside in container. In 2 ~ 4 ℃ fall can last 45d, can last below 25 ℃ 7d.

Large bag packs a way: By afore-mentioned pouch the law that pack undertakes collecting closing reaching dip fruit, after drop fluid a bit in the container such as the fruit case that air chooses good fruit to load line to have polybag film bag namely or trailing plants basket, fruit of every box outfit 15 ~ 25kg, join certain potassium permanganate or activated carbon, will filmy bag is basic and sealed, in 3 ~ 5 ℃ fall can last 30d left and right sides. If the O2 inside bag is 5% , CO2 is 3% ~ 5% , can last 30 ~ 40d, lubricious sweet smell is nicer.

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