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Luxuriant name is red in March litchi appears on the market encounter Hainan imp
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On May 4, the red in March mature litchi of base of red litchi of Long Sanyue of stone of tall state of luxuriant name city appears on the market, compared in former years to defer 10 days or so, as it happens met Hainan imperial concubine to laugh at litchi to appear on the market. The biggest characteristic of red in March litchi is early, but flavour slants acerbity, if common red in March meet imperial concubine laugh, cannot sell simply, fortunately Shi Long is red in March it is the strain that chooses through actor, sweet acerbity moderate, fruit be like white sugar to small-mouthed jar with fruit color litchi, in former years already had consumptive habit in Zhuhai and other places, the market is more welcome still, first days of sale price every kilograms 14 yuan. (Liu Fujiao)

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