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Homebred " imperial concubine laugh " Beijing of litchi high price appears on th
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Because suffer,calamity of ice and snow was affected January, imperial concubine of homebred this year “ laughs at ” litchi the 51 ability after the section appear on the market in the capital, appear on the market period than last year “ is late ” half moon. And the price maintains be in 140 yuan / box is controlled (7-8 jin) , than last year the price of the corresponding period also wants tower above many.

Market of fruit of new hair ground expresses about chief, homebred “ imperial concubine laughs at ” litchi crop relatively dropped somewhat last year, the quantity appearing on the market in the meantime is not very big, cause the price from appear on the market begin relatively strong. And as homebred litchi a large number of appearing on the market, by carry of airborne instead steam, reduced sale cost, the price will appear apparent fall.

Additional, be laughed ” litchi to appear on the market by homebred “ imperial concubine concussion, the entrance litchi price that mouthfeel needs slightly glides somewhat, by the festival 150 yuan during / box (20 jins) dropped 120 yuan of present - 130 yuan / box.
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