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Intertropical fruit outlet: "" of the biggest orchard changes " is the biggest p
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A successful example that intertropical fruit machines is pineapple. This kind of fruit has the good name of the king ” of “ can, completely state-owned exceed a hunderd schools to process a business, its are middleaged 10 thousand tons of above restrict treatment can ability 10, production condenses juice kiloton above 5. As a result of treatment develop, bright pineapple maintained in recent years stabler plant area and price.
Attend “2008 year the peak meets a few experts of ” think, with Xian Guo the sale fights risk ability photograph flimsily to compare, treatment serves as another outlet, because digest a quantity big, once Xian Guo is slow-moving, the support value that processes a business is bought can urge price stability, become the stabilizer of market price case, fruit grower had ” of such “ sth capable of comforting sb, had with the capital that peddles argy-bargy if really; In addition, every kinds of fruit has the fruit of second fruit bad of 25% above, cannot regard Xian Guo as the sale, can hamper however the raw material that makes the product such as juice, pink, wine, implementation maintains value and rise in value, increased farmer income directly.
The expert thinks, intertropical fruit produces an area to belong to south generally upland and a mountainous area, shanduode is little, do not belong to commissariat advocate produce a division, the fruit grows the focal point that is local agriculture economy, accept the sense that become rich to be being added for the farmer the main crop such as no less than commissariat, sugar cane, vegetable. Formulate of be practical and realistic, adjust measures to local conditions gives aid to the policy that expands fruit line of business, change ” of unifinication of “ produce and sale machines unifinication ” for “ produce and sale, fruit industry can jump a “ fruit cheap high yield of injury farming ” , “ is lean the odd group of ” , the ” of “ money bag of the pillar that makes economy of a mountainous area agriculture and farmer.

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