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Intertropical fruit outlet: "" of the biggest orchard changes " is the biggest p
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” of sweet garden of fruit of “ of the North sea is the inspissation with the biggest Guangxi juice processes a business. President yellow laborious says, the most essential restricting an element is each district government know inadequacy to the importance of treatment. Come for years, the government is in two to fruit industry have sth in mind, it is to cultivate, adjust cultivate a structure, help farmer becomes rich, breed “ to plant ” of fruit large family, build “ ” of field of 1000 mus of fruit, “ ” of field of 10 thousand mus of fruit, emerge in large numbers the countryside ” of various “ fruits; 2 it is a sale, from offer major of news service, build the market, make fruit brand, established the respect such as cooperative organization to do a large number of works, but the link that considers industrialization is the most crucial lesser- - treatment.
Huang Xin says, a few government sectors will give aid to agricultural demarcate is in mechanically cultivate and current on, cut apart treatment to come, delimit category of “ industry ” , bring about treatment company to be in door of Ministry of Agriculture and classics appoint blank region of the branch, bicephalous policy is not enjoyed. Investment of business of fruit deep treatment is large, the circulating fund that needs have enough to meet need is much, the condition of this kind of emerge of itself and perish of itself is done very hard do by force big. His citing says, guangxi is stimulative litchi sale, to exporting 20 tons of Xian Guo allowance of a crate 5000 yuan, but the treatment company of fresh fruit of same to digesting amount, do not have any allowance however; For example white sugar, commissariat has what special fund uses at produce to buy, but fruit treatment buys fund without such form a complete set however, company of a few treatment faces valence cheap to be like slimy fruit sometimes, can increase production originally, because of impoverished be forced to abandon.

Sing very intertropical fruit to machine “ grand opera”

In recent years, as a result of the be current of concept of “ green, natural ” , consumption of fruit juice drink increases continuously, already became the main force of drink market, the expert predicts future 5 years inside annual juice consumption amplitude is in 10% above, and at present consumption of juice of average per capita is less than our country 1 kilogram, reach the 1/10 of world average level only, the 1/40 of the developed country, have huge to increase a space.
The peak met the association of Chinese beverage industry that held in city of the North sea a few days ago 2008, expert of manufacturer of machine of treatment of the tycoon of group of domestic and international beverage that attend the meeting, fruit, scientific research saw fruit of “ of city of the North sea sweet garden ” . This enterprise is given priority to with condensing juice, developed a variety of 20 intertropical fruit products in recent years, among them pineapple condensed juice exit to occupy 60% above of countrywide, the litchi since last year condenses juice to realize batch exit, become the litchi with the greatest whole world to condense juice to produce a business. The whole world ranks second dressing to purchase vice president of company of ” of heart of power Er of enterprise Germany “ to come round to make an on-the-spot investigation on a special trip by private plane. Yellow laborious says president of ” of “ fruit sweet garden, intertropical fruit is general mouthfeel distinctive, fragrance is full-bodied, have natural advantage as fruit juice raw material, breed various intertropical fruit turns multifarious fruit juice into beverage, have huge appeal undoubtedly to consuming the market.
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