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Intertropical fruit outlet: "" of the biggest orchard changes " is the biggest p
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Intertropical fruit machines lag, it is industry measure much, scope is little, the domestic mill type that is content of devoid science and technology and dimensions benefit in great quantities is machined; 2 it is simple treatment is given priority to, the product is single, lack market competition ability, major fruit treatment remains the “ such as potted, preserved fruit, dried fruit a few years to always make ” , in recent years although a few enterprises develop the product such as juice, wine, sauce in succession, but the market is developed finite.

A variety of elements restrict intertropical fruit treatment

Standing vice-president holds association of Chinese beverage industry concurrently secretary-general Zhao Yali says, fruit treatment of China is belonged to start level, intertropical fruit is planted as small fruit, treatment scale is compared a large amount of apple, orange is lower. A when she thinks to restrict treatment main reason is the intertropical fruit that “ suits to machine ” less, because come for years intertropical fruit is cultivated go up to basically consider delicacy to feed the market, emphasize “ person having ” without me, develop characteristic fruit, carry out one town of “ to taste one village of ” , “ to taste ” even, with industrialized treatment on raw material existence contradicts, “ treatment asks on raw material dimensions is changed, without dimensions, cost does not fall. ”
Zhao Yali thinks at the same time, affecting intertropical fruit to process another account is intertropical fruit breed various, fruit, the diversification of character, make mechanization treatment relatively difficult, scientific research orgnaization is insufficient to machining the research and development of equipment, lack mechanization and automation, industrialization machines natural have no way to mention.
Actually, intertropical fruity deep treatment in recent years more and more be paid close attention to. Scientific research of industry of agriculture of sex of public welfare of professor of college of Hua Na agriculture, nation is special chief expert Chen Houbin says litchi, below the case that there has been bigger crop dimensions in many intertropical fruits, country should fruit industry help cautious dot up to answer by take seriously formerly cultivate turn to take treatment seriously to go up, solve intertropical fruity basic outlet.
Chen Houbin is a demonstrative tropics fruit to machine has base with litchi: Although the breed of litchi grow is amounted to 20 many, but make an appointment with 2/3 to belong to Hei Xie, Huai Zhi two kinds, agree with quite make fruit juice treatment; 2 it is to make an appointment with the litchi producing area of 2/3 to be centered in another name for Guangdong Province circumference of the luxuriant name on the west, Zhan Jiang and city of bordered laurel southeast admire, Yu Lin restricts range of 300 square kilometer; 3 it is the litchi that makes an appointment with 2/3 in June the middle ten days of a month arrives the last ten-day of a month centered maturity to close in July pick, breed, producing area, produce period these 3 2/3, created a condition for industrialized treatment.
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