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Intertropical fruit outlet: "" of the biggest orchard changes " is the biggest p
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The litchi delicacy of 90% is fed eat off, the mango delicacy of 90% is fed eat off, the banana delicacy of 70% is fed because the intertropical fruit of our country is fed with delicacy,eat off …… give priority to, the price gets the market fluctuant impact is very big, do not jump to give “ high yield from beginning to end cheap of fruit of lean ” , “ is hurt farming the odd group of ” . The expert thinks, develop deep treatment only, by “ ” of the biggest orchard changes body “ is the biggest processing factory ” , ability enhances fruit industry competition ability, from go up at all defeat those who solve 1 billion farmers to add control difficult problem.

Delicacy is fed a few into Mount Hua of intertropical fruit “ one”

Intertropical crop grows an area on the world more than 500000000 hectare, basically distributing to be mixed in Asia, South America, Africa Oceanian, the intertropical fruit that the Asia produces exceeded 50% , main intertropical fruit has banana, mango, pineapple, litchi, longan, Chinese flowering quince, coco, passionflower, guava to wait, among them 1% what the crop scale of banana, mango, pineapple, Chinese flowering quince all exceeds global total output.
The river valley area that intertropical fruit of China basically distributings to reach the end austral Sichuan, Guizhou in south of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan, Fujian, Hunan, in all 267 counties (city) . In afore-mentioned 4 big intertropical fruits, chinese banana crop is located in the whole world the 3rd, pineapple the 3rd, mango the 8th; In addition, litchi crop of China exceeds 65% global, also be the whole nation cultivates the intertropical fruit with the largest area; Other longan, Chinese flowering quince, coco, passionflower, guava, china also is main source.
Compare with giant crop photograph, rate of treatment of Chinese intertropical fruit is very low. It is in order to have the say litchi of ” of “ fruit king exemple, produce per year a quantity to reach 1.5 million tons in 1.3 million tons between, but machine a quantity every year not to exceed 100 thousand tons, besides a few selling toward northward and other places, about 70% be eaten off by “ in producing area ” . Litchi “ a day of color changes, 2 days sweet change, 3 days and flavour changes, 45 in the future, lubricious fragrance all goes ” , annual came in April August is litchi autumn, meeting high temperature is rainy and seasonal, because last difficult, have the price that a sign of disturbance or trouble can affect fruit grower is sold a bit. The Xin Tang of city of Guangxi admire state in the countryside ” that has “ Hei Xieli presses down the reporter see, rise as a result of derv price violent wind this year, xian Guo is carried be affected, price wave motion is errant. Local fruit grower says, similar case appears repeatedly in recent years, close sometimes pick period meet day after day rainstorm, ask less than picking sometimes the labour force of fruit, do not rent car sometimes, last year even because of for a short while paper box be in short supply, make buy the price to rise to fall suddenly suddenly, look at fructification again and again, to adding concentrate on more serious things in also do not have by however.
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