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The rainfall that join a month sends market of reduction of output of litchi pre
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   Market of ” of pouch of jade of “ double shoulder not free is close

A month comes, be city of in relief river litchi of pouch of double shoulder jade is bright red appear on the market period, but continuously rainfall causes the litchi that is about to mature to become moldy in succession if really, market price standard is low, market not free.

“ in former years this paragraph of time, everyday Zhejiang, Fujian, Sichuan and this locality buy business to be bought directly to the orchard, but return neither one to come to now this year, fruit matured, can pick first only, the carry that hire a car sells to Zhongshan. ” Si Tujuan says, every car installs 12 thousand jins of litchi at most, every times should spend 1100 yuan of freight, pay every to pick the worker of fruit 50 yuan even everyday, and carry arrives after Zhongshan, what can sell the price the bottom is done not have in the heart.

Farming week beauty also encountered Li of in relief northeast Gan Cun similar case. I still have “ many jins 5000 did not sell, one 6 sell litchi to the urban district dispersedly, but can sell many jins 50 only at most each everyday. He says ” careladenly.

Prefectural agriculture bureau cultivates this world on the west a technical personnel analysis, because rainwater is too much, the litchi fructification mildew that brings about maturity becomes cankered, drop in great quantities thereby if really. Moisture is too much, also affected the sweet taste of litchi, mouthfeel, make its character drops. In the meantime, also increased litchi to last, pack, carriage difficulty. Accordingly, a lot of buying business is not sold because of concern piece, dare not buy too much litchi.

   Fruit grower expects develop to postpone sale

In relief fruit of one Yao surname buys the county on the west business introduction, when litchi of pouch of jade of double this year shoulder just appeared on the market, every jins buy valence to be 1.8-2 yuan. But this price maintained a few days merely, later one day lower than a day. Current, every jins of litchi buys some places valence arrived even every jins of 0.5-0.8 yuan.

Although litchi price goes low ceaselessly, but many fruit grower still look forward to to develop more sale channel, sell litchi as soon as possible go out. “ price is again low, also should be in than rotting the tree is superior. ” fruit grower says. Be in the urban district many fruits market, even hang out litchi “6 yuan the brand of 4 jins of ” . These days, roadside of urban streets and lanes, either end of a bridge, everywhere fruit grower sells the form of litchi, some fruit grower are risking rainstorm to promote litchi even.

Fruit of city agriculture bureau does concerned controller to express, should avoid “ fruit cheap injury farming ” , the key is to widen sale channel. He introduces, city of in relief river is intensifying building fruit icebox, processing factory to wait. In in relief Dong Yashao, built can store 100 tons of fruity last icebox, can lengthen 10 days of half month last period. Some places still built diminutive shift to last icebox, can offer for fruit grower short-term last service. But major fruit grower to lasting icebox still does not understand, think to last cost is higher, choose lesser.
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