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The rainfall that join a month sends market of reduction of output of litchi pre
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The fruit grower that big channel presses down one orchard is clutching carry of the litchi that pack is sold outside.

It is at the door 2 carry stations of city, one booth advocate litchi sells in Mao Yu, mark a price 10 yuan of money 6 jins.

Throw this year 20 much, but predict to still do not sell 100 thousand yuan. “ yesterday (14 days) afternoon, si Tujuan stands in the litchi garden that oneself contracts, say a little depressedly to the reporter. Suffer close paragraph continuously the influence of rainfall, town of in relief river is not little litchi of pouch of double shoulder jade falls ill premature drop, character is affected, although fruit grower takes step actively, but buy business not much, litchi market not free, the price is low.

   Litchi registers fruit much premature drop much also

Li garden of Si Tujuan in Yang Dong big channel presses down deal field, the area makes an appointment with 200 mus. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter sees in the orchard, workers the busy litchi that pack, a small freight car is awaiting shipment. Technician Zhang Zexi introduces, litchi of pouch of jade of double this year shoulder is hanged fruit is not as little as last year, but because a many month will last,rainfall is affected, actual output is a lot of juniorer than going however.

Fall on orchard ground full litchi, some has blackened cankered, can smell aloof flavour of a sodden yam. “ because rainwater is too much, the litchi that just wanted maturity suffers from went up mildew of frost epidemic disease, thereby a large number of premature drop. The orchard picked 250 thousand jins of litchi last year, but crop predicts to still be less than the half last year this year. ” is pointing to a few on the tree mildewy litchi, zhang Zexi says. Yu He of a few of photograph adjacent double shoulders includes Li garden, get as much the influence of mildew of frost epidemic disease.

Fruit of city agriculture bureau does concerned controller introduction, city of in relief river is planted in all at present have 545 thousand mus of litchi, among them jade pouch litchi has 380 thousand mus, predict 70 thousand tons to total output of litchi of pouch of jade of double this year shoulder has whole city only, less than in former years.
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