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Soak of wet litchi caution is beautiful
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Run a point currently: ① prevents “ to develop tip ” . To taking foliaceous Hua Sui, if blade already stopped to grow, but need not handle. Blade still wants the gush on the horse 1 times to accuse tip spirit in growth tree (every Bao Jiashui 40 kilograms of) , force blade to stop to grow, center nutrient at spending spic to smoke to send. Branch of laurel flavour, the Huaihe River can appear beautiful braid leaf, do not need to select a part of a historical period; Ci of polished glutinous rice can take out Hua Sui on new tip, bud is weaker, want proper gush 1 - 2 agricultural nucleotide acid or element of green monochromatic segmentation are strong flower. ② gush medicine controls beautiful spic length, foster hale bud. The Hua Sui that take out falls in high temperature, grow between the section and bud is weak, sit fruit is inferior. Hua Sui is smoked high temperature is met when hair, want gush to accuse tip spirit to control length. Study the result shows, hua Sui of Ci of polished glutinous rice controls an outcome in 10 centimeters idealer. But in Hua Sui 5 centimeters of or so gush accuse tip spirit 1 times (every Bao Jiashui 30 kilograms of) , shorten beautiful spic length. ③ fosters hale Hua Sui, basically be aimed at the tree of late squaring. Spring air temperature picks up faster, bud is smoked behindhand more hair, the flower did not assure more character. Lead if really to raise what spend behindhand to sit, the in season in the process grows in Hua Suisheng agricultural nucleotide acid or + of element of green monochromatic segmentation 0.2 % phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen Potassium. ④ gush medicine prevents plant diseases and insect pests. Pick up as temperature, add fluctuation rain, ill bug of live through the winter begins an activity. If orchard disease is more severe, should be in squaring period and blossom earlier, gush a few pesticide that prevent disease. The orchard with more stinkbug, but gush dipterex of 1 90 % 800 - 1000 times fluid. When felt disease appears, above all ill leaf annihilate, move the burn down outside leaving an orchard, next the pesticide that gush kills mite. Leaf of gush of the key when gush medicine is carried on the back and inside chamber branches and leaves. ⑤ fertilizes. The orchard with normal management is in early fertilized in January, the part owes administrative orchard, can be in squaring period fertilizes. The orchard with insufficient base manure, besides applying compound fertilizer, add even apply organic fertilizer.

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