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Soak of wet litchi caution is beautiful
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Run a point currently: ① prevents to spend spic excessive growth, basically smoke Hua Sui's tree in the light of the near future. Rain profit grows at Huasui, grow when Hua Sui to 5 - 8 centimeters when but gush accuses tip spirit 1 times (every Bao Jiashui 30 kilograms of) , control Hua Suisheng to grow rate, can reduce beautiful amount. When Hua Suichao crosses 8 centimeters, the spirit dominating an end with gush higher concentration (every Bao Jiashui 20 kilograms of) . ② flower thinning, basically laugh at breed in the light of imperial concubine. Imperial concubine laugh becomes a flower more easily, but because beautiful quantity is overmuch, often appear phenomenon of “ is beautiful and disloyal ” , want to raise its to sit to be led if really through flower thinning. Generally speaking, imperial concubine laughs at every spic to maintain 200 or so, sit fruit is taller; When the first batch of young fruit begin to grow, other still unopened bud is scanty go, sit fruit is very tall also. Former still can operate, latter is operated harder, because of beautiful fruit difficulty of the flower thinning when lump is very great. Had better be in Hua Sui is complete extend or blossom ongoing travel flower thinning, can reduce nutrient to use up, benefit at sitting if really. ③ compensatory nutrient rises sit if really. Nutrient is used up when male flower is opened overmuch, affected the growth of young fruit. When female flower just withered, should the gush on the horse 1 - 2 agricultural nucleotide acid or element of green monochromatic segmentation, compensatory nutrient and hormone, can rise sit if really. Especially isotherm spends Hainan island, another name for Guangdong Province on the west taller produce a division, center when because air temperature is high male flower is open and fast, nutrient uses up more. Nutrient complements to be protected than medicine of later period gush immediately after reason female flower withers if really, effect is more apparent. ④ fertilizes. Because early days lacks water, edaphic fertilization is more difficult, should take the advantage of the soil after raining more loose, make the best of time to fertilize, main Shi Fu adds up to fertilizer and organic fertilizer, weak tree should add Shi Kuo to measure nitrogenous fertilizer. ⑤ notices happening of plant diseases and insect pests, seasonable gush medicine prevents and cure.

Late ripe litchi:

Control spends spic length

The breed of late ripe litchi such as branch of flavour of Ci of polished glutinous rice, laurel, the Huaihe River is in squaring period, Hua Sui to smoke hair period. The attention prevents “ to develop tip ” and beautiful spic excessive growth, foster hale Hua Sui. Current, differ tip period grows position is different, the tree that dominates an end early is in the last ten-day of a month saw the flower is nodded in January, the first ten days of a month began to smoke Hua Sui in Feburary, a few “ develop tip ” ; The autumn tip near future that the last ten-day of a month in last year October takes out begins to show beautiful drop, after raining, begin to smoke Hua Sui; Later the Qiu Sao that take out sees the flower is nodded early also, but lift as temperature become bud.
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