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Soak of wet litchi caution is beautiful
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At present main job is to prevent “ to develop the tip ” , quality that improves Hua Sui, notice happening of plant diseases and insect pests, fertilize in time

The weather high temperature Feburary, tall wet, make orchard of a lot of litchi, longan appeared ” of “ strong tip, very big to squaring and beautiful quality influence, overcast and rainy of early days low temperature is mixed to development of bud later period prevent “ to have effect to tip ” ; But after the near future rains, air temperature lifts pair of litchi, longan and Hua Suisheng of other and southern fruiter grow adverse. Generally speaking, squaring period should have microtherm weather only, plant is growing again, have the possibility that takes out Hua Sui. At present main job is to prevent “ to develop tip ” , improve Hua Sui's quality, notice happening of plant diseases and insect pests, fertilize in time.

Early litchi:

Seasonable gush medicine is protected if really

Red in March, white sugar small-moutheds jar wait for early litchi breed to be in growth period of florescence, young fruit, notice flower of wet occurrence soak and plant diseases and insect pests happen, should seasonable gush medicine is protected if really.

Run a point currently: ① prevents soak flower. Early litchi spends spic bigger, bud is much, if blossom,receive rain, its incomplete flower, nectar can form the training ground with good bacteria, adverse to just thanking the young fruit development of female flower. So, pluvial hind should shake in time tree, shakedown of incomplete flower, rainwater, make Hua Sui can ventilated pervious to light, have profit to the growth of young fruit. Plant diseases and insect pests of prophylaxis and treatment of ② gush drug. High temperature is high wet weather, cause disease happening easily, cultivate the garden at low farmland especially, can blossomming the gush when initial stage or Xie Hua a few pesticide that prevent disease. ③ compensatory nutrient rises sit to be led if really. Early litchi spends spic big, bud is much, nutrient is used up when blossomming much, reason is in the gush when female flower just withered 1 - 2 agricultural nucleotide acid or element of green monochromatic segmentation, seasonable compensatory nutrient and a few hormone, to sitting fruit is helpful. ④ gush medicine is protected if really. After female flower withers 8 - 10 days of gush must be protected 1 times if really. ⑤ fertilizes. According to spending quantity, fruit amount Shi Kuo measures compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer.

In ripe litchi:

Fertilization complement nutrient

Water east, Hei Xie, imperial concubine laugh in waiting, ripe litchi breed is in Hua Sui to smoke hair, first florescence. It is excessive growth of watchful beautiful spic, good to do flower thinning works, plant diseases and insect pests of prevention and cure, fertilization complement nutrient.
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