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Litchi cultivates clip to should note a problem
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When is clip undertaking? What problem to note?
The clip time of litchi inspects respective orchard cultivate and decide. The period that childhood did not plant plastic crop as a result is not quite strict, grow in each season can undertake commonly, but because cultivate shaped,notice in clip process, because of the branch clip, agile master, clip of excessive of avoid by all means affects tree situation; Knot fruiter (the clip of childhood, black prime of life, grown tree has proper time to restrict. Important period is collect in litchi fertilizer of quick result sex is applied after closing, the 棗 of overall heavy crop with after making tree situation restores, can undertake normal is answered shrink, newer crop and scanty cut, but the requirement according to crown of a tree of education high yield, random is in different position clip. Smoke in new tip unripe period can the tender tip with too close to erase. Every time new tip is old ripe hind, also but the basis is specific the circumstance is scanty wait except tip of a few weak branches, too close branch. In addition, attention of litchi result tree is not in crop of Qiu Dong season, namely branch of mother of result of end Ci Qiusao is old ripe later avoid by all means has crop, can promote nutrition to grow otherwise (bud of exciting winter tip) , destroy the equilibrium that nutrition grows with reproduction, adverse to reaching a fruit into the flower.

How is the new tip of the bud after clip scanty bud?
Litchi tree picks the crop with the overall course after fruit, make an appointment with 5 棗 7 days to begin orderly bud new shoot. Of amount of new tip bud more or less inspect breed and decide, a few breed if more and the amount of new tip bud such as flavour of Ci of polished glutinous rice, laurel is concentrated, and the amount of breed new tip such as imperial concubine laugh is opposite less. New tip of average every time (Qiu Sao) exhibit Xie Shi, want to have scanty shoot, scanty had dropped close, reach azimuth unfavorable tender end infirmly, stay strong, distributing even branch. According to the circumstance of each tree, collect fruit hind to smoke the first time Qiu Sao of hair normally every branch withholds 2 棗 3 new bud, the 2nd times Qiu Sao withholds 1 棗 2 new bud, ci Qiusao appropriate takes last stage a new bud, the others is scanty except. When noticing scanty bud, should be in new tip 7 centimeters hind to exhibit Xieshi to undertake, excise what can affect new tip prematurely to grow, use up the nutrition that establish system behindhand too, adverse new tip grows.

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