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When is litchi clip undertaking? What problem should note?
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Childhood did not hang a fruiter to all have crop all the year round, but tree appropriate is collecting grown result fruit hind finishs clip inside 15 days, must do good crop to work before attacking Qiu Sao namely, ability makes Qiu Sao is in appropriate smoke locally unripe. The crop that picks fruit hind is normal overall crop, if answer,shrink, newer crop and adjust structure of crown of a tree to wait. In addition, smoke in new tip unripe period also can undertake the tip works wiping, to erase passes the new tip of close, overmuch, jackknife, had better undertake after young Xie Gang spreads out, premature to erase weakens those who be put in new tip to grow. In addition, beard attention cannot be in end second tip is old ripe hind clip, lest perverse,stimulate the happening of wintry tip. Also do not want in fructification development period clip, can promote nutrition to grow, destroy the equilibrium that grows with reproduction, to sitting fruit is adverse.

The beard when clip notices:
(1) appropriate arrives from interior of crown of a tree exterior, cong Dazhi arrives rod, periphery of the crown of a tree after avoiding to cut is local and vacant big;
(2) the tool of clip, rod is cut with the branch, big branch is used toothed, curium should sharp;
(3) Wu shears a mouth is begged flowing and do not have incomplete branch, lest withered ill bug causes after rotting inbreak;
(4) did not hang a fruiter in those days, clip but in advance undertakes;
(5) clip ends, want branch of cleared ground sodden fruit, deadwood, clip and fireweed to wait, center burn-up, reduce source of ill bug of live through the winter.

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