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Be interrupted by typhoon, hail, how to fold the litchi tree of the exemple to h
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After typhoon, hail passes, should seasonable clip, make the vimineous cut that is interrupted orderly on one hand, cicatrization easily; To the injury on the other hand the root wants annihilate part branches and leaves badly, those who reduce ground upside send out, reduce the burden of root system. In the meantime, 50% discount the litchi tree that fall should be helped up, fixed, help up hind, in earth up of ministry of tree dry basis, establish pillar to give aid to when necessary, reduce wind to blow jolty, with the benefit growth at root system. Had done even prevent bask in the job, clip is more branches and leaves, bough and truncal expose Yu Yangguang to fall, should wrap up He Cao, above rare mud, perhaps take canopy, top filmy and shady etc. Finally, in the fertilization outside also wanting to have a root or soil apply fertilizer of quick result sex frequently, so that tree situation restores as early as possible.  

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