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What does the organic fertilizer that suits litchi have? How employ effect is gi
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Suit litchi to throw machine fertilizer to basically have: Gallinaceous dung, pig dung, columbine dung, cow dung, pond sludge. The area with poorer condition, also can wait for organic fertilizer with rubbish mud, green manure, fireweed. Among them gallinaceous dung is used because of be being decomposed more easily, can mix with garden earth even hind apply below, but the beard such as pig dung, columbine dung is applied again after classics soak is ripe, the employ of the ability after also needing become thoroughly decomposed piling soak such as bran of pond sludge, earthnut, beans bran, especially green manure, fireweed, had better wait for employ of the ability after mixture caboodle soak is ripe with lime, calcium superphosphate. The organic fertilizer of become thoroughly decomposed piling soak can mix with orchard surface soil apply after divide evenly below, usable also water is right rare hind just apply, rare multiple can be 100~200 times. The position that use should choose to be in periphery of crown of a tree, should not stand by truncal. Before the period that use blossoms with ear (occupy annual about organic fat employ measures 60% ) and collect fruit hind to attack tip period (occupy annual employ gross about 40% ) these two phase attach most importance to a dot.

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