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How does the different level that litchi nutrition grows with reproduction adjus
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Litchi result tree is in end Ci Qiusao is old ripe hind the physiology become divided that begins bud namely, from bud physiology differentiation begins to come fructification maturity collected what before closing, time of this large half an year all puts in nutrition to grow with reproduction to grant second year aegis, how to adjust the relation of good both is the premise condition that litchi high yield produces firmly, adjust among them the employ of nitrogen, phosphor, potash fertilizer deserves to compare also is to adjust both relation and the key that its change each other. 3 level can note mainly during this, it is as a result Mu Zhi turns green old ripe later, cut apply nitrogenous fertilizer, those who avoid wintry end smoke unripe, affect what bud physiology splits up to undertake. Because fertilizer of soak ripe water contains more nitrogen, also cannot employ; 2 it is to spend spic to take out before be being opened to female flower, give priority to in order to apply phosphor, potash fertilizer. Nitrogenous fertilizer as far as possible need not, monarch is avoided send Chun Sao fully, of Chun Sao smoke unripe use up a large number of nutrient that establish system, affect beautiful quality and pollination be fertilized, go against initial stage sit if really; 3 it is day of the 40~55 after female flower dies of old age, be worth Xia Sao to smoke unripe comfortable period, should control the use of nitrogenous fertilizer, give priority to with phosphor, potash fertilizer, especially litchi is solid development period is big to the demand of potassium, strong fruit fat appropriate is given priority to with potash fertilizer, satisfied litchi gains growth to be opposite namely the need of all sorts of nutrition elements, unapt perverse the preserve one's health that stimulate run is long, battalion preserve one's health has grown flourishing, deplete tree put oneself in another's position a large number of nutrient, cause the aggravate of physiology premature drop.

However, collecting what to end Ci Qiusao takes out after fruit to attack autumn tip phase, answer with nitrogenous fertilizer, especially nitrogenous fertilizer of quick result sex (fertilizer of ripe water of urea, bicarbonate ammonium, soak) give priority to, phosphor, potash fertilizer is right amount and tie-in, strive for the nutrition litchi to grow to be finished in this phase centrally.

Ji fertilizer is one kind is contained machine is qualitative more earthy miscellaneous fertilizer, bases is use plant incomplete system, general beard classics piles employ of the ability after soak corrupt, also benefit is absorbed better at root system use. If without piling soak become thoroughly decomposed, use an amount too big, distributing again not divide evenly, caboodle is together, through microbial zymosis, cankered and calorific, the root department that contacts continuously with rubbish fertilizer, because high temperature high fever causes “ to burn a ” ,meet, fine root affects fat to water absorption to death, lamina of the person that weigh is sere fall off. When discovering this evidence, should seasonable fill drops in temperature, and rubbish fat disinter, annihilate already the root of burn, after mixing rubbish fertilizer and clay again, apply below, or cent is applied into layer and clay alternate with below. Rubbish fertilizer had better be employ of the ability after waiting for become thoroughly decomposed of mixture caboodle soak with lime, calcium superphosphate.
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