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The fertilizer before the flower that litchi manhood cultivates as a result how
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The fertilization before blossomming but the fertilizer before a general designation is a flower, specific divide the flower that it is hurried again fertilizer and strong the flower is fat. Close to beautiful fertilizer is taking the use before unripe Hua Suizhi, can promote bud configuration become divided, take out hale Hua Sui, can enhance those who establish system to fight ability, the time that case of lubricious depth of the Zhuangwang degree of situation of tree of general appropriate basis, leaf will come to decide fertilization is early late, if tree influence is strong flourishing, Xie Senong is green, or weather get warm again after a cold spell early, rain is much, apply hurried early to spend fat easy stimulative new tip (Chun Sao) smoke unripe, go against those who spend spic to smoke unripe, because this appropriate is in,see the ability when ” of “ white spot appears apply. Conversely, weak tree or weather are colder, can fertilize earlier. Dose can hang fruit quantity by the likelihood that establishs system, every produce 100 kilogram fruit, can apply urea about 0.7 kilogram, calcium superphosphate 0.5 kilogram, nitrogen changes potassium 0.7 kilogram.

Strong beautiful fertilizer is 3~4 is taken out in Hua Sui centimeter when employ, can drench fertilizer of soak ripe water does fertilizer 1 times 1 times with farmhouse fertilizer, this fertilization takes a flower about 60% of gross of fruit period fertilization, give priority to with phosphor, potash fertilizer, a variety of microelement such as right amount and compensatory calcium, boracic, copper, can promote Hua Suijian strong, contented, benefit the spermatozoon development of the ovum at female flower, male flower is perfect, the capacity that increases pollination be fertilized and sit to be led if really. In addition, also can undertake the fertilization outside the root, before female flower is opened 15 days can spray “ is compound model nucleic acid ”1 second, every Bao Fu closes model nucleotide acid is right water 50 kilogram, have stimulative lamina photosynthesis, increase light to close accumulate, promote the action with beautiful hale, contented spic.

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