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Is anhydrous source OK kind of litchi?
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Litchi originates in selva formerly, its normal growth development needs enough moisture to supply, our country is southern all climate conditions that visit an area (year rainfall) can satisfy its basically to grow the requirement of development, but should make be produced litchi early form, production, firmly, must grow according to its growth pattern undertakes intensive cultivation, grow in its development is different level will take corresponding agrotechnical step, of these technical measure carry out cannot leave abundant fountainhead reserve however. If be between initial stage of litchi field planting and young tree growth period, often want to use water, encounter drought to also need fill water, become a hat in order to make nursery stock uses up early figuration, amount to high yield early to cultivate tree of form; grown litchi to close to the flower protects medicine of fruit, gush to prevent disease to kill insect, and the fertilization outside the root, also require many moisture.

The litchi with Guangdong existing province has a lot of to cultivate in the country that lacks source of water, upland ground, dry a particular year cannot fill water, new tip cannot be taken out in time or affect gains growth, result of old a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days or beautiful and disloyal phenomenon are inevitable. So, cultivate litchi best around have source of water. If litchi is cultivated in the country that lacks source of water, must endeavor to had been done build terraced fields, Xiu Tian a low bank of earth between fields, deep ploughing, add use the miscellaneous fertilizer of organic fertilizer and earth job that holds natural environment and improved soil.

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