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What does the foliaceous leavening dough that suits litchi have? What problem sh
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Suit the foliaceous leavening dough of litchi to have: Urea, phosphoric acid is fluid of soak of 2 hydrogen Potassium, potassium chloride, calcium superphosphate, vitriolic magnesium, green fragrance power department face of blade is fat (green flourishing N, green flourishing 24 wait) , “ is compound model nucleic acid ” . The employ common of fertilizer of face of blade weighs the fertilization outside the root, be match fertilizer into place to want pH indicator aqueous solution, sparge arrives on the face of blade of the fruiter, by blade inside inspiratory body, what OK and additional root system absorbs is insufficient, hurried arrives since tip, strong flower, defend the action of fruit, all can undertake all the year round, but should note following problems:

(1) young leaf and lamina absorb ability rearly stronger than old lamina front, sufficient gush answers when spraying wet to drop water till.

(2) temperature is not quite high (it is better that 15 degrees of ~25 are spent) effect of the fertilization outside reaching the root when humidity is not quite low is good, high temperature and low wet effect is poor, reason should be chosen in air humidity the cloudy day with bigger, weaker sunshine or dusk undertake, avoid the use when wet or high temperature are dry.

(3) the attention chooses appropriate fertilizer and chroma. Nitrogenous fertilizer is beautiful with purificatory urea, chroma can use 0.3%~0.5% commonly, phosphoric acid 0.3%~0.4% of 2 hydrogen Potassium, potassium chloride 0.3%~0.4% , 1%~3% of fluid of calcium superphosphate soak, compound model nucleic acid is opposite every packets water 50 kilogram. Is relevant link interrupted by typhoon, hail, fold the litchi of the exemple to if where manages,be cultivated? When is litchi clip undertaking? What problem should note? What does the organic fertilizer that suits litchi have? How employ effect is gift nice? How does the different level that litchi nutrition grows with reproduction adjust the employ of nitrogen, phosphor, potash fertilizer? The fertilizer before the flower that litchi manhood cultivates as a result how employ? Is anhydrous source OK kind of litchi? Guangdong litchi helps advance somebody's career development litchi should undertake grafting changes engraft of kind of the aged litchi to change kind of issue that reachs annulus of helix of litchi of technique of management of form a complete set to pare and the way to deal with a situation in time

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